Rustic decor is able to provide a warm atmosphere with a very unique look. The nuance of the typical space is obtained by presenting elements and also decorative elements of wood and furniture which are made from natural typical rustic design. The concept of a coarse-textured or refined design features a natural smelling material. Such as the use of stone, wood and also bamboo. The use of the wooden material is very easy to be engineered, in shape and in design in such a way.

The decorative rustic design is quite easy to make. Even with upcycle method materials or products that are not used, the ideal decoration that will make the atmosphere of the house will look more festive and fun, quite easy to get.

There are several ways to bring out a rustic impression in your home, especially when you have a small space. The selection of interior and use of wooden furniture becomes one of the absolute requirements to have a warm atmosphere naturally in the house.

Here are some tips that you can do to make your own rustic decor in a small space.

1. Use a beautiful flower vase

The first rustic decor that can be one of your options is by putting a beauiful vase that will add to the impression and natural rural ambiance of your home. You can make this beautiful vase from wood and or bottles, then you can add some accessories such as a rope or yarn, you can create this beautiful rustic-style decoration with your hand.

You can also buy the v-more rustic mason jar flower vase glass candle holder with burlap rap and jute bowknot 5-inch tall for your home with small space.

rustic decor
Flower Vase Hand Carved With 1 Piece Solid Natural Tree Wood Elegant Table Centerpiece Decor Size 4×4 x 10 tall Inch


2. Use Shelves in your bathroom

The second rustic decor that you can use is by making shelves in your bathroom. You have to aware that rustic atmosphere can also be used in the bathroom. With a little improvisation and creativity, then you are using a modern shelf on the market, the concept of rustic shelving is very easy and cheap. Add a natural rustic impression to the bathroom layout.

Industrial Pipe Shelving Bookshelf Rustic Modern Wood Ladder Pipe Wall Shelf 3 Tiers Wrought IronPipe Design Bookshelf Diy Shelving


3. Using rustic console tablecloth

The third option to make your rustic decor in your home is by using rustic console table. The alternative unique console table model is really suitable with your home which has no more space in it. You can make it from a tree or wooden trunks for the exact placement on the corner of this room is very fitting and suitable for storing items or vases that will add a natural atmosphere of fun. And you can also use the island map decor tablecloth to make your home looks very amazing.

rustic decor
Island Map Decor Tablecloth by Ambesonne, Super Detailed Treasure Map Grungy Rustic Pirates Gold Secret Sea History Theme, Rectangular Table Cover for Dining Room Kitchen, 52×70 Inch, Beige Brown


4. Using rustic coffee table

This is also can be your option to decore you home with rustic decoration. If you want a coffee table design is quite unique and of course you can make your own, this tree trunk will have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the room.

rustic decor
Sauder 420011 Coffee Table, Furniture, Craftsman Oak


5. Use a classic and artistic furniture

You have to choose a wooden furniture without polishing or finishing. Let the furniture have a rough texture to give a strong natural impression. You can apply coarse textures to chairs, tables or cabinets and others.

6. Using beautiful and classic lamp

The selection of artistic lights is also able to bring a strong rustic atmosphere. Notice that the model and material used. You have to choose a lamp design that looks like old with natural materials without finishing.

Lamps with dominant wooden models and accents would be able to give a rustic impression. Use a spotlight to the top that will produce less light illumination but provide a comfortable atmosphere and feel for the room.

Croyton 22 High Clear Blown Glass Table Lamp


Well, that is some examples of home decor with a rustic concept that you can make your own using materials and materials that are not used and very easy to be around the house. You have to remember that the magic is in your hand. So, you have to be more creative so that you can make your own home looks very awesome, even though it has a small space but it still cannot be your obstacle to make your dream comes true.

Actually, there are still many rustic design concepts for unique and interesting decorations. Even not only for homes with similar concepts alone, a blend of modern concepts, for example, will create an eclectic concept on spatial that will add comfort and aesthetic value beyond our expectations.

Hopefully, it can inspire you.