Cozy living room ideas – As we know, the density of urban areas causes the price of land and property to soar. And for the solution to this problem, vertical dwelling or it is called apartments can be used as one of the residential and also for the settlement options. In addition, to the cheaper price of a regular house, the apartment has a better security system than the house in general and the facilities provided vary as well.

Nowadays, apartments come in many various sizes, including loft, studio, alcove, and convertible apartments. For those who want to stay in an apartment and you still single you should not worried, studio and loft type apartments ideal for one or two people. With a one-room capacity, this small-sized apartment can be a comfortable place to live in as long as it is creative in organizing the interior.

In this time, I will review the small and beautiful apartment that can be your reference to become cozy living rooms.

1. The small apartment lifeEdited in Graham Hill

The first cozy living room that can be your reference is the small apartment lifeEdited in Graham Hill. The size of this small apartment itself is 40 m² and also it has 6 room in it. Carrying the concept of One Size Fits All apartment, this apartment has an interior that can be moved easily. The position of the mattress hidden in the wall can be pulled and folded into the wall. There are 3 soft and comfortable mattresses in this studio apartment.

If you want to get the mattress hidden in the wall, you can buy the Zinus Memory Foam 12-inch green tea mattress.

cozy living room
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These cabinets are located on the side of this tiny apartment can be pulled and shifted, on the back of the cabinet, there is a computer desk to work. The interior of the LifeEdited apartment is made of a wooden material that is clad in white and tends to be used for cramped and poorly lit spaces, as white is considered to bring a bright and spacious atmosphere to the interior.

2. The beautiful small apartment Versailles in Catseye Bay

The second cozy living room that can be your reference is the beautiful small apartment Versailles in Catseye Bay. This small apartment includes the multifunctional furniture and also it has 5 rooms; namely a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and also dining room. 

At the first time, the apartment consists only of a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Then, Catseye Bay was designed and finally, it changed into a five-room residence utilizing a multifunctional interior furniture design. Wardrobe made of wood can function as wall and book storage and clothes.

The bed with the living room is separated with a two meters wooden cupboard, so the mattress is not directly visible when entering the room. This interior utilizes wooden elements wrapped with white inner walls that make this tiny apartment more attractive and more awesome Window scattered in some parts of this apartment to ensure the intensity of incoming sunlight is sufficient.

3. The cozy living room in Madrid (MYCC)

The third cozy living room is located in Madrid, Spain. Would you ever think that a smaller apartment that actually fits into this warehouse can be a fun and multifunctional dwelling? This super small apartment located in Madrid, Spain. The size is only 20 m². Between workspaces and living quarters connected by a vertical ladder and a ladder itself is like in a video game.

In an apartment which has 100 m³, there is a bedroom, workspace, lounge, bathroom, and also the kitchen. At the corner of the apartment, there is a large glass on the ceiling for daytime sun lighting. The minimalist interior design is dominated by white color adds to the impression of comfort and luxurious impression even though this apartment is very small.

4. The cozy living room in Taipei

The last cozy living room is located in Taipei, China. Maximizing the small apartment which the site itself is only 22 m², Taiwanese architectural studio, A Little Design, renovating this small apartment into a pleasant place to rest. Studio A Little Design maximizes the space by making floor-to-ceiling cabinets interiors that can be used as a storage area for clothing, books, etc. and to access the top, provided stairs. When you need a storage to store your clothes, books, and others, you can just buy the langria 12 cubby shelving modular cube.

This apartment also has a balcony at the top as a bedroom. There is also a kitchen, a washing machine room and a lounge with large windows to ensure the lighting goes well. The decor of this tiny apartment room is also beautiful, utilizing a light sleeper that not only serves as a decor but also as a lamp to read.