Do you have a hobby of collecting shoes? Surely, you also feel this problem, that is, confused about how to save your shoes.Especially if you have a lot of shoes, it would be lazy to arrange neatly on the shoe rack. And if we want to spend a little time alone, having a shoe shelf to make the room look tidier, shoe shelves with the model and unique design now also become an additional value of aesthetics in the house and the room itself.

Sometimes, many people do not care about the use of the shoe shelves. They tend to put their shoes in any space in their room so that it makes their room look dirty and messy. Actually, the function of the shoes itself is not only used to put your shoes, but it also used to keep your room clean.

There are many models of shoe racks that we can find just by searching through the internet. Of course, shoe rack model should be adjusted with your room and also with the budget you have.

Now, I would like to give you some examples of creative shelving ideas for small craft room that might become your references.

1. Shoe shelves with wall art design

The first examples of creative shelving ideas by using shoe shelves with wall art design. Actually, this shoe shelve is designed by the owner of a vintage-themed boutique, Elsie Larson. Shoe shelve model is tailored to the shape and also the height of shoes itself. We can also see the material from the shoe shelve which is made of wood and attached to the wall that has been decorated with typography or beautiful wall-poster.

2. Shoe shelves with farmhouse design

The second example of creative shelving ideas is by using shoe shelves with farmhouse design. This shoe shelve has a thick rustic theme and with wood as the main ingredient of its manufacture. Rural here is identical with the old wooden atmosphere and has a finishing that was deliberately made imperfect. This shoe shelve can be placed in the room between the living room with the main door. In order to make the rack which has a rustic impression, then you can add a cactus or other ornamental plants that will make your shelf look more beautiful and elegant.

3. Using shoe shelves with drawer model

You can use a shoe shelve with drawer model in order to make a creative shelving idea. This shoe shelves concept is indeed widely used by those who want to have a beautiful shoe shelve but they do not have enough room because the shoe shelves drawer model does not need too much space. So, for those of you who have a small room but want to still have a beautiful shoe rack, then you should use this shoe shelve model.

4. Using a shoe shelve with a wheel concept

The next creative shelving ideas that you can use in your room is using a shoe shelve with a wheel concept. Shoe shelves with this wheel model can also be an option to store your shoes, especially for keeping sports shoes. In order to use it, you simply just take from which side of shoes you will wear. Shoe shelve is also suitable for use as storage of other things, such as books, or even clothes.

5. Using a shoe shelve with a tower concept

Basically, This concept is also widely used by those people who have a room but there is not enough space, whereas they want to have a good, classic shoe shelve so that it can make their room looks more rustic. This shoe rack is inspired from the towers of the world, like the tower of Pisa. This shoe shelves usually made of wood and also this unique shoe shelve is suitable for storing your favorite shoes. You can put your shoes around the shoe shelve. Do not forget to clean shoes off the dust regularly.

6. Using a shoe shelve which is made of unused materials

The next concept that you can apply in your home is by having a shoe shelve which is made of unused materials. If you want to make a shoe shelve that has an unusual impression by utilizing unused materials, then this shoe shelve model is good to use in your home. You just adjust to based on what your expression, but you have to consider the space in your room.

These are some references of a creative shelving ideas that you can try.