Roof Lantern Extension Ideas – When we are talking about the exterior of the house, we should also talk about the roof of the house. there are several things before creating a house, and one of the examples is the roof model will be installed in your dream home since every model of the roof would be different from one another. therefore you should really think about the roof model that you really want.

Talking about roof lantern extension, a roof is one of a part of your house that has a very important function for the house. Imagine if you have a classic home design but have a roof that seemed simple. Would it seem abnormal indeed is not it? Moreover, the roof of the house is the highest chapter of the house so that the roof of your house may be able to be seen even from a very long distance. Although all the roof models look the same, you still need a mature concept in determining the minimalist roof model for your home.

You should know that build a model and a shape of the house with a minimalist design style is indeed the form of the exterior of the house like the roof and also the terrace of the house. The whole building is visible from the outside it is mandatory we apply with the right model style shape. The whole building that can be seen from the outside that we must apply with the suitable model style

We already know that this is not easy for us to design and to build a house that really represents our need and also our expression. You can prepare to make your house with the help of architects who will build the house based on what you want. In this time, I would like to give you some examples the latest modern minimalist roof design that you can apply in your house. Modern minimalist roof design usually has some types of roof that you can adjust to your house. Therefore you have to be smart in arranging the existing room of your house because the composition of this room will affect the shape of the roof model.

If your house has a high roof, then you can make your roof design a wider and cooler like by using some combination of colors that will make your house will look more elegant even later will also make your space becomes bigger. You should also pay attention to the lighting. I suggest you that even though you have an awesome roof design, but you should also consider about the lighting itself because a good lighting will make your room looks more elegant and it will make your friend or other feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

In order to build your awesome roof lantern extension ideas, you should know what the latest and the famous room lantern extension where a lot of people use it. You might be able to use a pyramid-roof design. But first, you have to build a wall in order to give the impression of the look of yours. Giving some accessories are also recommended to make your house looks more luxurious and elegant.

In addition, to create a minimalist roof design, you also have to pay attention to other exterior designs such as the terrace of his house. For the terrace of this house itself, usually it will be designed with a simple but unique form and also it has a high attraction and with the application of materials in each building that will beautify the exterior look of your dream home.

The material for the exterior of his house usually uses a natural stone which the material is already widely used by many people, especially on the pole and wall of his house. With the application of this natural stone on the walls and poles of his house will greatly help the look of your home look more elegant, has a luxurious impression even though your home is small.

Here some important lighting to in order to make roof lantern extension.