Countertops, on the flip side, are a lot more permanent and they frequently add value to the home that is well past the real expenses of the materials and the installation. Having granite kitchen countertops installed in your house is a significant investment. It’s preferred for kitchen countertops as they’re resistant to stain and scratch. It is frequently used for kitchen countertops because of this.

Granite countertops are extremely not likely to chip. They are the most durable option for kitchen and bathrooms countertops. Granite is available in various textures and finishes. Thus, making it an ideal choice for countertops. Most granite needs resealing every 3 decades or so, but every slab differs.

Until just recently, granite was an incredibly expensive material to purchase for home improvements. Although it is one of the hardest substances on earth, it is heat resistant to a hot frying pan, and you can cut on it. Leathered granite is a favorite selection for kitchen countertops since it hides the water spots.