Vivint Smart Home Devices You Should Consider Installing 

If you are looking for devices to create such a smart home system, you must consider a name. It is Vivint smart home.

In fact, Vivint provides you any devices that you can install at home to make it smarter and more convenient to stay.

Installing smart home system is not only about increasing sense of convenient. It is also more about giving proper security. 

Like everybody know, nowadays thieves seem to be everywhere. There might be a police officers who gives protection and prevention in your hometown.

However, it is not enough if you only rely on police officer. You also need to protect by yourself. 

So, you really require Vivint smart home, don’t you? 

10 Smart Devices from Vivint You Can Install

You might have ever seen advertisement in TV in which a person can operate any kind of device at home using voice command. He locks the door without using a traditional key. Does it look amazing for you?

It is not only in ads. You can implement this smart system in your home by installing these following 10 Vivint smart home devices. 

1. Security Camera Systems

Installing CCTV might be usual. It is totally different when you install Vivint security camera system. This is a high technology camera which can detect any potential threats. If there is something threating approaching to your house, the light will be on and the sound will scare the threat.

This system is integrated with smart home system. Therefore, if you have Google Assistant, you can connect it as well. When you have installed this system, you don’t have to worry if you have to be away for long time. You can sleep well at night as well since your house is well-protected.

2. Doorbell Camera 

Imagine that your package has arrived. However, you are not at home. Sometimes, a package sender will put the package in front of the door. How if there is a thief who wants to take your package while you are not at home?

You shouldn’t worry about it anymore. With doorbell camera, the package will be protected. If there is a potential thief who wants to take the package, LED ring will be activated and 65 dB speaker will be automatically on to make the thief know that he or she has been caught on camera.

3. Outdoor Camera

Actually, it is similar to doorbell camera. Both devices is able detect if there is a potential threat. This outdoor will illuminate LED ring and play the sound quite loud. The difference is the place that these two devices are installed. While doorbell camera is installed in the door, the outdoor camera can be installed anywhere. It can be installed in the garage wall or entrance wall.

4. Indoor Camera 

Do you leave your kid at home while you work in the office? Don’t worry. While you are working in the office, you can watch out your kid playing at home by installing indoor camera. Even, you can talk to your kid when you install Vivint app.

This camera is also able to detect any harmful motion. Possibly, the thief is quite smart by turning off the alarm. However, this indoor camera will be automatically on and make a record.

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5. Security Sensor 

It is a security sensor which lets you know if there is someone trying to break your door or window. The alarm will sound if there is someone breaking in. It can be an extra protection for your home.

6. Smart Drive

Do you need capturing continuous video recording? You can apply smart drive. This is able to record video with high resolution 24 hours 7 days. Even, the video captured at night is totally clear. Therefore, you can see what’s happening at your home in the day and the night.

7. Smart Lock

You don’t have to worry when you lose your key while you are away. This smart lock doesn’t need a key. This lock can be accessed using unique access code. Even, you can assign up to 30 access codes. For instance, when you have 4 family members, you can assign 4 access codes. Therefore, you will get information about who locks the door at any given time.

8. Smart Lighting 

Forget about the switch. You can turn on or off the lamps in your house using smart lighting which has been synced with Vivint system. Even, when you are not at home, you can make your lights at home automatically turn on and off after you set it up.

9. Car Guard

This Vivint device has two main functions. First, it will let you know if there is someone who tries to steal or disturb your car. There will be notification in your phone.

Second, it will let you know where your car is. Do you usually forget the place where you park your car? This car guard is synced with Vivint system. Therefore, you can see the location of your car from your phone.

10. Garage Door Control

You don’t have to get out of the car to open the garage anymore. You can open it from your phone with Smart Garage Door Control. Besides, if you are so sleepy but you forget closing the garage door, just reach your phone and close the garage door from your bed.

Those are Vivint Smart Home devices that you need to consider installing in your home. Try to make the most of those devices. You will be more comfortable to stay while your house is well-protected. You can sleep well. If you are away, you will not be stressful since you know that the smart devices are installed to give good protection.

You don’t have to install of them. You can select which the best to give protection to your home. In fact, Vivint Smart Home is the best choice if you are looking for device that give protection while you are not at home and convenience while you are staying at home.

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