Modern Victorian Interior Design: 9 Easy Ways to Do

In the design world, a modern victorian interior design has been one of the most popular interior designs that still trending today.

If you wish to have a theatrical, detailed, bright, and dramatic look for your space, it is a perfect design for you.

A modern victorian interior design offers a classic but is delivered in a fresh and relevant way.

It is an awesome design that can create an eye-catching interior for every space in your home.

Here are some easy ways to do modern victorian interior design to your space.

Modern Victorian Interior Design – 9 Easy Ways to Do

1. Tufting and velvet fabrics

The first thing you need to do to incorporate a modern victorian design into your space is by adding tufting and velvet fabrics.

Victorian style is characterized by tufting, fringing, pleating, or gathering of fabrics, especially on the furniture. In a modern Victorian style, these kinds of fabrics are inserted in a slightly more modernized way.

2. Modern Lighting

You can also add modern lighting to your Victorian space. A modern Victorian style is about mixing different eras: old and new.

Adding modern lighting to a Victorian space is a clever way to mix old and new, creating a pretty unique-looking space as well.

victorian interior design

3. Modern Furniture

With the same concept as adding modern lighting, you can also add modern furniture to your Victorian space.

One or two modern pieces of furniture can make your antique Victorian space echo its modern side.

4. Two-tone furniture

Besides modern furniture, one of the best ways to do modern victorian interior space to your space is by adding two-tone furniture. When the furniture has two different types of fabric, you can present two contrasting elements in your space easily.

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5. Tone on Tone

In order to incorporate Victorian style and also create a more modern feel, adding tone-on-tone color palettes is another best key. It is recommended to use more neutral colors to avoid making a colorful look such as creams, beiges, and whites.

6. Botanicals and florals

Wallpaper, rug, and arts with botanical and floral patterns can help you to create a more modern look in your Victorian space. Besides wallpaper, adding floral and botanical frames on the wall is also perfect for a Victorian decoration.

7. Statement walls

Highlight your modern Victorian space with statement walls. You can apply intricate and Victorian-inspired wallpaper to create statement walls. Abstract wallpaper is also a good choice to create an antique and victorian feeling space with a modern vibe.

8. Curated Collections

A Victorian style is all about the display of items and opulence, over-exaggerated details. Selecting and adding curated collections into your space can create eye-catching details. A mix of antique and modern arts and frames on the wall will be perfect for this.

9. Busts and Portraits

A modern victorian interior design is also about how you display busts or portraits. Adding old antique portraits to a modern gallery wall with modern pieces can make your modern Victorian space looks more stylish and modern as well.

Hope some easy ways to do modern victorian interior design in your space above can inspire you to create a modern Victorian space that looks aesthetic and antique.

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