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The Urban Interior

Interior Ideas for Urban People

What exactly is urban interior design? Urban interior design mixes elements of traditional, contemporary, and modern styles to create a very different style which is perfect for urban living. This style can also incorporate the countryside into its design so that you can create a cozy country home interior.

One of the key elements in this type of design is the use of bold contrasting colors. These are used in large letters to produce a very strong contrast which stands out from the other elements in the room. Having such a bold decorative element in a room can really draw attention to a certain aesthetic that is important to you and your personality.

In an urban interior design, the dominant color scheme will be warm tones of reds, oranges, and yellows. These colors are generally soft pastels with a little bit of blue thrown in to give it a soothing effect. You can balance this out with darker touches such as blacks, navy blues, and rich browns. The furnishings you choose will depend on the specific colors you use, but you can incorporate many warm tones of these colors throughout the room to maintain the balance.

Another way that urban interior design differs from other styles is in the use of geometric shapes such as rectangles, octagons, and cubes. This design element adds a sense of rigidity to the room without over-emphasizing it. Many of these shapes are notated using text, but if you want a sharp, cleaner look, you can throw in a few straight black lines. Black metal furniture is another important element in this kind of decor. These typically come in basic metallic colors such as black, grey, or white with accents of color incorporated through out the piece.

Black metal pieces can also be combined with other elements to bring in other colors that compliment the urban style. You can add in white contrasting elements such as black, silver, or red accents along with the black metal furniture to create contrast. You can even incorporate bold color like red into your urban style by incorporating deep reds, yellows, or oranges into the furnishings you choose. When choosing furniture in this particular style, keep in mind that the pieces need to feel sturdy. Use small, lightweight pieces so they can be easily moved about, yet large and bulky pieces to provide a firm structure for the room.

One other way to bring the urban interior design style to life is to incorporate certain textures and fabrics. The use of earth colors such as brown, yellow, and green is common in these kinds of homes, which are typically built on the ground floor. Choose light fabric pieces for the walls and heavy ones for the floors to really add some weight to the room. These fabrics also go well with lighter colored furniture that is often in neutral tones. Use darker colors for more of a dramatic effect.

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