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Interior Ideas for Urban People

When decorating a small bedroom, there are many ways to achieve a unique look without going overboard.

One of the best small bedroom interior designs is using mirrors to reflect light. For instance, you could use large rectangular mirrors along two opposite walls, then you could use small mirrors on both sides of those walls and really make the appearance of a never-ending, never-ending room.

You could even install several small mirrors onto one wall, alternating them each with large mirrors that reflect light from each wall.

Another one of the best small bedroom interior designs ideas is to use stripes on the walls. Although you want to keep the walls all the same color (white, off white, or another color that contrasts in color), you can have different colors of stripes on the different walls.

Then, mount some mirrors onto the walls, making sure they’re at least 3 inches apart. The striped pattern will really add to the look of the bedroom and it’s very easy to do since you don’t really need any tools to mount these mirrors onto the walls.

For a small bedroom interior design idea, try using stripes painted on the walls. Use a single color of paint and make sure you wipe away all of the excess paint after you’re done painting.

Then, take two different colors of wallpaper and frame a mirror onto one wall, and then use the other wall as the stencil.

Use the right side of the paper for the stencil and the wrong side for the paint. Cut out the traced lines and apply them to the walls. Your walls should now be beautiful!

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