Generally, A bathroom has a smaller size compared to other rooms in the house which make a challenge itself when you try to design the interior of the bathroom room. If your bathroom is not too boxy, then the more likely to create it in accordance with what you want. But you need to pay attention that the bathroom should also be able to save space when redesigned.

Redesigning the bathroom interior requires thoroughness in terms of maximizing the place. For that, you must be clever in determining the storage in the bathroom that can save the place for when in it, you will still feel comfortable. Here are some ideas for designing bathroom interiors that can save space.

The bathroom usually has a dimension of the room that is very difficult to be designed. Therefore, some people prefer to leave the corners of the room empty instead of maximizing their use. Actually, you can maximize the corner of the bathroom by installing a unique shelf that can keep small objects from being scattered. If the corner of the bathroom is adjacent to the surface of the wall lined with granite, it is an advantage for you. You can choose a color that is able to provide a bright accent on your bathroom shelf so there is an interesting transition from simple design to a more elegant design.

You have to know that redesigning the bathroom requires high creativity and also needs the best way to make your bathroom looks wonderful is by recycling any items that are unused. Just like using a wooden ladder that is not used because maybe you have replaced the ladder with materials made of iron. You can paint and re-color the unused wooden staircase and then set it on the wall as a shelf that can also serve as an attractive wall decoration.

Sometimes, just because you want to save your space in the bathroom, you prefer to sacrifice the main focus of bathroom interiors that have bothered you wake up. This is certainly not recommended because you still have to maintain the artistic interior of the bathroom in a way not too let the room filled with decorative shelves that are not really needed.

The problem that arises when you want to redesign the bathroom to save space is the excessive worries on the interior decoration of the bathroom. Do not be too excessive when decorating the area of the bathroom wall because it just makes the room look congested and inefficient. You can play with the color to decorate the bathroom space. Choose fresh colors on the main wall area and give striking colors to the surrounding furniture.

Now, I would like to give you some examples of a small bathroom remodel that could be one of your references in order to redesign your bathroom.

1. The minimalist bathroom which is the size itself is 1 x 2 with a wonderful bathtub

The first example of a small bathroom remodel is using the minimalist bathroom which the size of 1 x 2 with wonderful bathtub. Even though it is only a narrow size, a minimalist bathroom size of 1 x 2 meters can be occupied with a variety of main equipment that all functional.

The main focus of course on the bath is not more than 1 meter in this minimalist bathroom size of 1 x 2. Having a mini-sized bathtub with a toilet seat model attached to the wall, this design is very effective to save space in a minimalist bathroom.

For the sink cabinet, the minimalist bathroom inspiration size of 1 x 2 prefer to use a full-size cabinet for the maximum storage. The combination of these 3 main devices can still leave enough room for your clean-up needs.

2. Using the minimalist wall bathroom design with the size of 1 x 2

The second example of a small bathroom remodel is using the minimalist wall bathroom design with the size of 1 x 2. In this minimalist bathroom design, there is a different view on the part of the bathroom wall.

The selection of bathroom ceramics patterned with relatively large size has directly stolen the attention so that the focus is fixed on the wall and not on the size of the bathroom is limited. Choosing a bathroom with shower head is very effective because it will leave space in your bathroom that you can use for other items. You can use the Bathroom wall art decal sticker funny kids Reminder Decoration, Bathroom rule wash.

3. Using the minimalist bathroom with nature concept

The last example of a small bathroom remodel that you can use in your own bathroom is using the minimalist bathroom with the nature concept. This concept uses a stone wall block to separate wet and dry areas. The floors also appear to be marked with a well-ordered natural stone.

You have to remember that the sink is required to use the material with a natural color and white lighting that blends with the warm colors of wood. If you need a lamp, you can use the DEEPLITE Table Lamp, Bedside Desk Lamp with Bulb Included, Minimalist Nightstand Lamp with Solid Wood and Fabric Shade, Round Bedside Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Baby Room Study Cafe.