Simple Loft Conversion Ideas for Dormer

April 24, 2017 / by Jessica in Living room
Simple Loft Conversion Ideas for Dormer

Simple Loft Conversion Ideas for Dormer- Nowadays, almost every house surely has a space that sometimes never used. Especially there are only two up to four members of your family, there is still plenty of space that can be utilized. For homes that have a conical triangular roof, they usually choose a warehouse by utilizing the attic or the top of the house. Or even someone who let it obsolete and unattended so it becomes a nest for mice.

Your loft is nothing but more than an unfinished roof or a dirty room? Or you want to change the previous unused loft into a useful space, there are many options? You can add a children’s room there or you can make it to your own apartment or you can make it into your dream kitchen and also you can make the bedroom below your loft.

There are some examples of simple loft conversion ideas that you should know:

1. You can make a bedroom for your children

The first example of simple loft conversion ideas is making a bedroom for your children. You should be aware that it is okay to turn a loft into a child’s bedroom with a beautifully decorated home.

You can also use a wall that has bright and beautiful colors so that it makes your children do not feel lonely and bored when they live in the loft. You can also make that wallpaper with a flower decoration, stars, or even cartoons. If the loft of your house is not too large, then you do not need to put any unuseful furniture into the child’s room. You can use DONCO Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed, Dark Cappuccino.

The children actually only need enough bed, a minimalist closet and maybe some bookshelves. Do not forget to adjust the location of the window for the child to make more comfortable

2. You can make your own bedroom in your loft

The second example of simple loft conversion ideas is by making your loft into your own bedroom. Even though you have become parents, but no need for prestige to make your loft into a dream bedroom. Even your privacy, as well as your partner, will be safer from the children if occupying a room in the attic. You can communicate with your couple about how the arrangement of the room and the comfortable decoration. If your loft space is large enough, you can put valuables and memorabilia in your room.

Simple Loft Conversion Ideas for Dormer

You can place the bed under a bright tile so you can enjoy the star with your partner just before falling asleep. Is it very romantic, isn’t it?

3. You can change your loft into a workspace

The third example of simple loft conversion ideas is by changing it into a workspace. There are several types of people who need a relaxing atmosphere while they are working. They do not even like a little noise that can disturb their concentration while doing their job. For example, a professional writer needs a quiet place so that he can get inspirations.

Now, you can use your loft as a workspace. The workspace design in the loft adjusts the comfort so it is more conducive while you are working.

4. You can change your loft into your living room

The fourth example of simple loft conversion ideas is by changing your loft into a living room. You can see the stars in the sky through the window with a cup of tea and also some cakes. This moment becomes more wonderful to make a comfortable conversation with your family members.

You can also put bookshelves there. A living room is not only comfortable as a place to share stories with all the family but also comfortable to read favorite books. You can use US Pride Furniture 2 Piece Modern Bonded Leather Sofa Set with Sofa and Loveseat.

5. Make a classic bathroom in your loft

The next example that can be your inspiration is making your loft into a classic bathroom. If your loft has no more space but you do not need to worry because you can still make it into a classic bathroom. Having a bathroom in the loft is quite interesting and also you will more enjoy taking a shower there.

6. Make your loft into a clothing store

The last example that you can use is making your loft into a clothing store. If you like to collect some new branded clothes so that you have no more space to keep it all, you still can use your loft to keep your clothes but before that, you should decore your loft into a clean and comfortable room. It would be good if you install a large glass in your loft.


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