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The Urban Interior

Interior Ideas for Urban People

Using rustic living room decor is great in so many ways. There are the obvious benefits, such as being very warm and inviting, but you also have the subtle benefits of being a very “back to nature” type of design.

If you love the look of cozy log cabins, then rustic decor is definitely for you. This style is very relaxing and reminiscent of times long gone. With the right accessories, it can be very enjoyable decorating with this type of style.

The colors of rustic living room decor are usually very warm and cozy, with wood and leather accents common. Some people even use red and black for their rustic decor, especially for the flooring. Some other popular rustic accessories that you might want to consider are Native American throws, Indian handcrafts, and even handmade pottery.

One thing you do need to remember about rustic living room decor is that you don’t always have to have these types of items purchased from a store. You can make some very unique and personal rustic items yourself.

For example, you could create a rustic coffee table, side stand, or even a unique lampshade all on your own. It’s great to get those ideas because then you can spend more time decorating, not thinking about whether or not you can find the right things at the store.

Creating rustic items is also a great way to build your own sense of family history because you’ll be surrounded by items that you’ve crafted yourself. It can also be fun to use rustic home decor in your bedroom, as well, because the rustic furnishings will tie together both the bed and the walls.

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