Rustic style can be interpreted as a style in architectural and interior design, which emphasizes the natural impression, of unmixed material, such as wood, stone, metal, and so on. Rustic home décor style has been used frequently, especially for a home building that adheres to traditional architecture, such as traditional houses.

The rustic home décor is quite easy to apply. Therefore, you can combine this style with other styles. For example, you can combine them with traditional or ethnic styles, so that will create a unique decoration style but still beautiful. Now, I am going to give you some rustic home decor that can be your references.

The shades of rustic (Full White)

source: Coco Lapine Design

The first rustic home decor that you can use is a shade of rustic with full white color. The furniture and wall paint colors are very suitable for this style are neutral or pastel brown. So, by having this decor, your home will look more beautiful and also elegant.


Rustic Kitchen

source: Behance

In the rustic kitchen style, you can add some types of furniture that you can use to keep your kitchen tools such as, plate, glass, spoon, frying pan, etc.


Mestler Chair Side End Table

source: Amazon

The third rustic home decor that you can use in your home is Mestler chairside end table. This design is made of high-quality materials that will make it more durable and can be used for years indoor. The size itself is 4″W x 24″ D x 23″H.



Minimalist Rustic

source: Behance

Rustic style can also be combined with a minimalist style. Of course, you must pay attention to whether the rustic style fits with your room. If you have small space, then the rustic style need to be adjusted accordingly.


Rustic Bedroom

source: Behance

In addition to the washed out wall, the touch of rustic in this room is the cabinet model and decoration on the bed. Both are matching the walls and form a colorful harmony.


Stone-Walled Bathrooms

source: Archi Expo

The white bathtub is placed nicely in contrast with the stone wall. This bathroom has a symmetrical design with vanities on both sides of the room.


Rustic Dining Room

source: Architectural Digest

The use of brick walls as background can remind us of what life was like in the past. So do the dining table decorations, room decorations, and dining room furniture.


Classic and Rustic Living Room

source: Behance

Although both come from the past, there is a difference between classical and rustic styles. You can find classical style in the castles of the nobles, while the rustic style houses tend to be in the countryside. Although different, these two styles can be combined and you can fall in love with both.


Rustic Wooden Attic Kitchen

source: Behance

You have to know that not only just ceilings but also furniture and stairs in the attic can be made with all made of wood. This attic kitchen becomes a unique place to cooks.


A Simple Rustic Kitchen

source: Amazon

Another example of rustic home decor is by using a simple rustic kitchen in your home. Seasonings, ingredients, stoves and also an adjacent dishwasher can be put in one place. This design is suitable for kitchens that do not have a large room. You can use Rustic Kitchen Wood Wall Shelf with Metal Rail in your kitchen.


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A Shady and Cool Family Room

source: Knowing Santa Fe

Although the weather is hot, this room still feels cool because it uses a wooden ceiling. Especially if the ceiling is designed rustic. You definitely feel comfortable when doing long activities in your family room.


A Combination Of Classic And Rustic

source: HGTV

Just like people said, “Cannot beat the classic”, it is always interesting to combine rustic and classic styles. The wood flooring looks in harmony with the kitchen furniture that is almost entirely brown.


The Charm Of Dark Wooden Beams And Exposed Brick Walls

source: Behance

An easy way to bring home rustic style is to whitewash the walls and not paint them. Rough texture on the walls actually makes this room fascinating.


Stone-Walled Living Rooms

source: RNDR Studio

Stone and wood are the two elements of a balanced nature and can ‘work together’ to make the house cooler. You should also adjust the wooden floors and furniture to match the roof.


Perfect Blending Of Wood And Steel

source: Timberlake Custom Homes

The wood and steel railing combination in this design blend perfectly with the rest of the room. Both can make our life more colorful.


Rustic Open Concept Kitchen

Rustic Home Décor
source: Darkroom

This room serves as a dining room, kitchen and living room. You can also apply this rustic style to small home or narrow occupancy. Re-polish the walls with white paint to bring very good impression.


Small rustic bathroom

source: HGTV

This is also the result of the combination between traditional and modern. The wood flooring and the tub are thick with shades of the past. While the shower tiles are the fruit of the work of the modern era.


Rustic White Kitchen

source: Home Designing

With most of the furniture in white, combined with wooden table and exposed brick wall, this kitchen design is really beautiful.


Another Traditional and Modern Design In The Bathroom

source: Behance

This bathroom has double vanities with single long mirror. The touch of a stone wall brings out the rustic atmosphere.


Attic Bedroom With The Rustic Style

source: Behance

The last rustic home decor that can be your another reference is by using a rustic style in your attic bedroom. In this design, you can add skylights on the bed that will make your bedroom more attractive and amazing