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7 Recommended Gifts for Plant Lovers

Plant Lover Gift – It is very easy to find gift ideas for plant lovers. From plants to gardening tools, you can also give gardening books or journals.

A complete kit for growing indoors is also a perfect gift for plant lovers who live in an apartment.

We have gathered recommended gifts for plant lovers that can give you a lot of inspiration to prepare the best gifts. Perhaps one of them suits your need.

7 Recommended Gifts for Plant Lovers

1. Plant Lover Gift: Pothos

plant lover gift

When it comes to a plant, one of the recommended gifts for plant lovers is Pothos. It is the best plant for a beginner because it is easy to care for and also stunning with its long trailing vines.

This plant also can make your interior design more aesthetic.

2. Plant Lover Gift: Stromanthe Triostar

plant lover gift

Another great plant for plant lovers is Stromanthe Triostar. It is a gorgeous pink houseplant with a unique shape of leaves. The leaves look like birds’ feathers where the top part has white variegation while the underside is variegated in red and pink.

3. Plant Lover Gift: Sansevieria

plant lover gift

You can also give Sansevieria as a give for plant lovers. With a lot of varieties, this plant has distinctive yellow margins and sword-like leaves which are perfect for room decoration. It is an adaptive houseplant with minimal caring.

4. Plant Lover Gift: Indoor growing kit

If your friend or a member of your family is a beginner, you can give them an indoor growing kit. This kind of kit sometimes also comes with a grow light so it can help them to grow plants and even fruits inside their home.

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5. Plant Lover Gift: Gardening books

For a beginner, having a gardening book is an essential thing. There are a lot of gardening books that offer a whole lifestyle guide for plant lovers. Some of them are even packed with gorgeous pictures.

Here are some recommended gardening books for plant lovers:

  • Urban Gardening by Kevin Espiritu
  • Leaf Supply by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan
  • Wild at Home by Hilton Carter
  • How to Houseplant by Heather Rodino
  • Jungalow – Decorate Wild by Justina Blakeney
plant lover gift

6. Gardening journals

Besides gardening books, gardening journals are also great gifts for plant lovers. By having a journal, a plant lover can create a gardening schedule that consists of a watering schedule and a plan of what kind of plants to grow next.

7. Gardening tools

Awesome gardening tools such as a watering can, pruning snips, a spray bottle, and self-watering plant globes are perfect for professional plant lovers. For a beginner, LED grow light for indoor plants is also recommended.

Hope the recommended gifts for plant lovers above can be your ultimate guide to choosing the best gift for your friend and family.

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