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Places to Visit in Jakarta: The Inexpensive Alternatives


Coming to Jakarta for the first time? Or you have visited the city several times but not having the chances to explore it around? There are some worthy places to visit in Jakarta and you can enjoy the memory. Do you always have to spend a fortune to visit those places? Not at all. Some of these places don’t require a lot of money.


So, the decision to come to these places depend on how many days are you staying in Jakarta. If you are only staying for a short time, there are some ideal places to visit in Jakarta in one day. But if you are going to stay longer, there are also some of the ideal places.

  • Jakarta is no longer a barren and empty megacity anymore; not since many green areas and parks are built. The idea is to provide green and lush public areas where people can get together and little kids can have their playing time. Some of the parks are lush and greens, made available with great facilities. Some even come with playground for kids. If you don’t have many budgets to spend, parks are the best places to visit in Jakarta and Bandung – yes, Bandung is also undergoing a nice and green transformation with new parks being built. Going to these parks can be worth your time. You can take pictures there. You can have a picnic with families or friends. In short, Jakarta has become a fun and green city for many people.
  • If you like learning the historical part of Jakarta, there are many museums to explore. The National Museum at Monas, for instance, can be a great place to learn about Indonesian independence process. If you go to the Old Town (Kota Tua), you can also find some of the local museums for different topics. In short, you will never run out of topic or subjects when it comes to museums.
  • Art markets or exhibitions. Have you ever been to Bentara Budaya located in South Palmerah, West Jakarta? It is founded by Kompas Gramedia, meant to hold the various collections of Indonesian natural and cultural heritage. You can find a lot of things there, such as ceramics, wayang puppets, paintings, and such thing alike. If you are lucky, you can attend some of the cultural and art activities that may include film screenings, exhibitions, and monthly discussion.
  • Traditional and modern markets. Some of the popular traditional markets include Tanah Abang, Mangga Dua, Glodok (Chinatown), or Menteng. If you come to these markets, don’t be afraid to haggle or bargain. After all, it is the art of doing transactions there. In Menteng, the main entertainment is the flea market at Jalan Surabaya. If you are looking for unique and inexpensive items, going to Menteng will be the perfect option.


There are basically a lot of more areas to explore. Use your internet connection to perform a research. In short, you will never be bored spending times in Jakarta. There are so many places to come and visit.

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