Minimalist Apartment: 5 Design Ideas

Minimalism is a new movement that has attracted people’s attention these past years. This movement was created to help people analyze and evaluate their material possessions to live happily.

It’s simply to help people decide which stuff makes them happy, the reason to own the stuff, and consider whether to keep it still or not. 

minimalist apartment is an example of the minimalist lifestyle’s practice which many people are starting to put interest into. With less stuff and more space decorated beautifully and aesthetically, this style makes the apartment look bigger, clean, and minimal.

If you want to adopt this style, here are five design ideas for creating a minimalist apartment you can practice. 

Keep Only Your Necessary Stuff

In the amid of consumerism, people tend to buy things blindly which only overcrowds their space. For that reason, minimalism was created to help people get rid of unnecessary stuff and keep things to a minimum.

You can also do it by cleaning things out and only keeping the necessary ones in your apartment.

If you don’t know how to, just take some time to think and evaluate stuff you already have.

Think about what stuff you need, which makes you happy, or other considerations. By doing this, you can choose wisely which stuff you will keep and clean the other things.

If you don’t want to throw it, you can keep it out of sight in the cabinet or closet. 

Stick with Neutral Colors

One of the ideas about minimalism is to avoid applying too many colors, especially bright colors.

You need to stick with neutral colors to create your minimalist apartment. Neutral colors like white, gray, or black are the best to make your apartment look bright and bring a calm feeling to your apartment.

You can also add some muted colors like dust blues in a small space throughout your apartment.

If you want to apply another color, you can go with a monochromatic scheme. This is simple since you don’t need to worry about applying lots of colors.

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Just be attentive and apply the right color to keep the simple look yet beautifully pleasing.

Do More with Mirror

Having less stuff is the main foundation for creating a minimalist apartment. However, rather than only depend on that, you can do something more. One of those is adding depth with mirrors.

This is perfect for making your apartment look bigger and cleaner. It can also brighten your apartment if you hang it in the right place.

You can simply hang a mirror on the wall or use a stand-alone mirror. Make sure to hang the mirror across the window to bounce light effectively.

For a stand-alone mirror, you can put it in the corner to brighten the darker spot of your apartment.

Pick Multifunction Furniture

Having less stuff means you also need to clean things out, especially unnecessary ones. You can pick furniture that can do more than one function as a replacement. Having multifunctional furniture helps put your stuff efficiently and makes your apartment look clean. 

For example, you can pick a bed with storage space and put your books, makeup utensil, or others. Or, you can also pick a floating desk with shelving which you can use as a workroom with plenty of space for your laptop and other work stuff. 

Invest in Lighting

Another essential thing in creating a minimalist apartment is having as much good light as possible.

The good lighting makes things brighter which is essential to make the apartment look cleaner and not too crowded.

You can do it simply by opening your window every morning to get natural sunlight. Or, you can add other lighting options like basic lamps. 

Creating a minimalist apartment isn’t as easy as just cleaning things out and being “minimal”. The process needs some time to make sure that you apply minimalism in the right way.

Hopefully, these five design ideas will help you design your apartment with a minimal look yet still decorated beautifully.

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