10 Popular Interior Design Styles to Know

There are many types of interior design styles that exist and each of them has its own preference.

Some of them are simple while others are known for their timeless classics. Each of them also has a signature look that comes from furniture, accessories, decoration, and lighting.

One of the most popular design styles that you need to know is the modern interior design style.

What is A Modern Interior Design Style?

Modern and contemporary are absolutely different. They have some similarities but there are also some differences.

A contemporary design is always evolving while a modern design refers to a specific time period.

A modern interior style design is a mix of mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and post-modern design. It is a design with minimal decoration, recommended for those who want to create a minimalist space.

This design is also rooted in square shapes and forms.

Below are some of the most popular styles that you need to know this year.

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles to Know

1. Modern Interior Style

In order to incorporate a modern interior style into your space, you need modern pieces that have clean lines and sleek surfaces.

You don’t have to add a lot of accessories and accents as well.

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2. Transitional Design Style

When a contemporary is not to your taste and a traditional one is too stuffy for you, a transitional design style will be a good choice.

It is a design style that mixes contemporary lines with traditional elegance.

3. Traditional Interior Design Style

If you want to bring the 18th & 19th Century England and France era to your home, then a traditional design is perfect for you.

You can elevate a traditional design style to your space by adding pieces made of dark wood.

4. Eclectic Style

An eclectic style is all about creating a culture-rich interior by combining different accents, colors, and textures.

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It is also a perfect style to blend old and new.

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5. Contemporary Style

For you who always follow what’s things trending now, then a contemporary style is recommended for you.

This style is always evolving and it refers to anything popular in the present moment.

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6. Minimalist Style

A minimalist design has a lot of similarities with a contemporary design but a minimalist design focuses on the principle that less is better.

A minimalist style is an interior design that doesn’t need a lot of accessories.

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7. Mid-Century Modern Style

Another most popular and favorite style is a mid-century modern interior design style. It is a design that always gives you an opportunity to create a connection to nature.

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8. Bohemian Style

Outside of the box is the principle of Bohemian style. It is a free-spirited aesthetic that combines artistic expressions and different cultures.

It is a perfect design for you who want to create another world in your home.

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9. Modern Farmhouse Style

Known as mixing materials, a modern farmhouse interior design style has a lot of characteristics.

This design style is always about the use of shiplap. Some modern updates are also necessary to complete the whole interior look of this design style.

10. Rustic Interior Design Style

A rustic design is always about the use of industrial touches and natural materials. This design focuses on the beauty of nature.

That’s why you will always find and see natural materials like wood and stone in a room with a rustic interior design style.

Besides a modern interior design style, other styles mentioned above are worth considering to create a cozy and eye-catching space in your home.

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