Camper Van Conversion for Beginner – You have to know that living in a van is just more than just living in a van. It represents a way for people to find true happiness and fulfillment by stripping away material objects. It is a way to seek new adventures, embrace discomfort, seek new adventures, to get something more challenging and also to slow down your life by combating routine. Van life is not for everybody, but it is only for you and it can be the adventure that you have been waiting for.

Converting a van actually needs very much time but it is extremely an exciting process. You will get the opportunity to build your own dream, your own expression and customize it to your own unique style. But you have to learn some basics before starting, but extensive carpentry experience is not really required. In the van conversion, we are going to provide you with step by step instructions or guidelines, including the tools and also the materials you are going to need to reach your dream van, whether or not it be a cargo van, hippie style van, even passenger van.

You have to know that a van conversion can range in price anywhere from some hundred dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars. And there is no such a shortcut to convert your van and which is why we gonna highlight some options which are suitable for your budget and taste as well.


1. Remove pre-existing fixtures from the van

The first step for camper van conversion is to remove the pre-existing fixtures from the van. The decade of your van existence might be used by an electrician up in Vermont. This meant that it had all the staples of a work cargo van such as a front cage, metal tool shelves, and also a very dirty floor mats. In order to get a true blank slate, it is quite important to strip the van of all of these fixtures.

What you have to do is first, you have to remove the shelving and also front cage due to the fact that you won’t need them anymore. Second, you should make a buck by selling them on Craigslist. Third, you have to remove your front seats, runners, and floor mats as well. Last, you set them aside where they won’t get ruined or won’t get stolen.

2. Do a quick preliminary cleaning

The second step for camper van conversion is by doing a quick preliminary cleaning. If your van is more than a year old, your van is more likely has a layer of dirt, grime and also dust build up on the floor. You can use a shop vac and also small hand broom such as o-cedar angler angle broom with a dustpan to clean all of it.You are required to used a small scraper to loosen any areas of large dirt buildup that has accumulated.

3. Grind all surface rust off

The third step for camper van conversion is by grinding all surface rust off. You have to remember that using an angle grinder and also wire brush attachment, grind off all surface rust from inside your van. Please look for subtle, uneven surfaces on the metal to find rust that is concealed by your own van’s paint job. And then for the tight areas and also for the corners, you will have to use a small wire brush to scrape the rust off.

Camper Van Conversion
Black & Decker BDEG400 6-Amp Angle Grinder, 4-1/2-Inch


4. Clean entire van thoroughly

The fourth step for camper van conversion is cleaning the entire van thoroughly. You have to aware that Before painting, please make sure that every surface is already spotless. After that, you can sweep and vacuum the dust in your van. Then you have to take soap and water to scrub everything clean. Note that your shoes might get pretty dirty so you should take the precaution of wearing disposable booties during cleaning and also painting.

BLACK+DECKER BDH1200FVAV 12V Flexi Automotive Vacuum – Corded


5. Spray anti-rust paint on any exposed metal

What you can do to convert your campervan is by giving rust-oleum on any exposed metal. The first way you can do is to tape anything that you do not want painted white using painter’s tape. This also includes weather latches, door panels and includes stripping. There are multiple brands of rust-conversion paint and some of them come in a spray can. The really heavy duty stuff comes in a two-part mixture you brush on. Please use one of your choices to paint over any exposed metal that you grinded.

Rust-Oleum 215215 Stops Rust Rust Reformer Rust Reformer 10.25-Ounce Spray-Color, Black


6. Spray paint final coat of white paint

Another step that you can do is to purchase several cans of glossy white spray paint. Make sure that it is made to paint metal. Spray evenly over the floor, walls and also the ceiling. After that and for the final touch, you should have a cargo van that looks like it came straight from the dealership lot.

camper van conversion
Rust-Oleum 280718 American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint, Gloss White, 12-Ounce


7. Reinstall front floor mat and also front seats

The last step for camper van conversion is to reinstall the front floor mat and also the front seats. You can clean both of the front floor mats and also seats before placing back in your lovely van. And for the last, you can leave the floor mat for the cargo area outside as you will be using this to make a floor template in the next chapter.

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Conversion Vans aren’t fleet vehicles. You might believe that if converting a camper van you merely get the van and begin screwing and gluing. Should you wish to construct your own camper van, you’re going to need some simple DIY knowledge, tools, a lot of patience and even more spare moment.