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When doing interior bedroom decorating, one of the most overlooked elements is your bedroom door. You can improve the appearance of your bedroom doorway by using simple and inexpensive ways with some creative tricks that will share here for you to decorate your bedroom door and raise your bedroom decor to the next level

The simplest way to decorate your bedroom walls and entrance is by hanging a mirror on your door’s wall. It is a common scene in many bedrooms that one would be surprised to find an actual mirror hanging on their bedroom walls or door.

A mirror is a magical item because it instantly transforms a room into another time. Mirrors can be very easily found in thrift stores or online stores that have clearance sales. When purchasing mirrors for your doors, make sure to purchase one that is large enough for you to comfortably hang it without it hitting other pieces of furniture.

Another way to decorate your bedroom door look is by decorating your window with a nice frame that compliments the mirror. You can get really creative and buy a beautiful bow from your local craft store and place it on your mirror or frame.

This will definitely update your room’s decor and make it look like someone just left your room for a vacation! Make a statement in your home with a personalized and unique mirror that reflects your style and decor of choice.

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