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Home Office Organization: Simple Tips


The office can be said to be a second home because your third day is spent in the office. Therefore, it is certainly important to decorate the office to be comfortable and support your work activities. A comfort atmosphere in working is one thing that should take precedence, the important thing to do is you should be able to set up an ergonomic workspace to prevent pain and fatigue. If you’re looking for a way to organize your office workspace, it is good for you to know about home office organization that can increase your productivity.

Put your Computer Screen aligned with your eyes

The first home office organization that you have to aware that you should put your computer screen aligned with your eyes. One of the things that often make the neck pain is the position of the computer is lower than the eye position when you sit down. As a result, throughout the day you are constantly looking at the computer with your head down.

Try to elevate the place of the laptop until the screen is aligned with your eyes. If indeed the table contained in office facilities is low enough, try to use a Bluetooth keyboard that is separate from the laptop to still be able to type with a relaxed hand position but also a neck that is not rigid.

The laptop or computer screen should also be set to tilt slightly backward about 10-15 degrees, so your eyes are not too tired to stare at the laptop screen. Maybe you can use VARIDESK 49900 – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 36 – Black to make your home office more comfortable.

Place the Board on the Side of the Work Desk

The second home office organization is that you have to place the board on the side of the work desk. To organize your office workspace more efficiently, try putting one board that has a magnet or a small nail to paste various papers. Later this board will contain everything you need to do, meeting schedule, and other important things.

You can also use sticky notes to paste papers that contain various work-related items. If a job is done, you just pull out the sticky note so just the thing that has not finished on the board. Another important thing that does not forget to hang a small calendar that you can mark for important days and schedules written. Make sure the board has a color that is interesting enough for you and makes you not stressed looking at it.

Add Plants

The second home office organization that you can try is by adding plants. Try adding some plant as a decoration on your table. No need big and elaborate care for it, try a succulent, cactus, or Chinese bamboo to be placed at the end of the table. Plants such as succulents and cactus do have a wide variety of interesting species and colors, which can brighten up your desk.

Moreover, these plants do not need too much watering and can grow well in an enclosed space. Plants on the table can also provide a positive energy for people who look at it and make your work desk more visible life.

Add Photos

You can put photos that make you excited about putting a family picture. Add accessories such as paintings, postcards, or anything that is brightly colored so your cubicles look to give you a positive energy and passion.

Put Your Favorite Photo As A Laptop / Computer Desktop

Family photos can also be installed as wallpaper on your laptop or computer, so every time you start working, you know there are people who look forward to your success at home.

Tidy up anything

The next home office organization that you should try it by tidying up anything. Usually, you find home office desk that is quite messy and it will usually be scattered with a variety of office stationery from pencil, pen, paper, ruler, masking tape, etc. which can interfere with your productivity.

Therefore, try to provide space for each item you need, for example placing a pencil and pen in one separate glass, then putting paper and stationery on a tray that has been decorated in your own style.

You can use SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer with Sliding Drawer, Double Tray and 5 Upright Sections, Black in your home office.

Put A Comfort Home Office Chair

A home office chair is important for your comfort when you are working on a long-term project. Therefore, you have to modify your chair by adding a cushion on your chair so that it will make your chair more comfortable.

Put A Beautiful Wallpaper

You can add wallpaper to the wall that you think is too boring and make saturated.

Not only on the wall, wallpaper can also be affixed to the workplace drawer parts that are usually monotonous until it becomes more lively and gives the spirit to work.

Put Mirrors

Having small home office space can make you feel bored and also fatigue. therefore, try placing a medium-sized mirror next to the table if you feel your cubicle is too narrow. With a mirror on the side, it will indirectly give effect to expand, because your view becomes wider when looking at the mirror, not fixated on the empty wall that often makes saturated.

Having Enough Lighting

The last home office organization that you should try is by adjusting enough lighting. Lighting becomes one of the most important decorating points. For those of you who feel the workspace lacks outside lighting perfectly, and the lights in the room is not much help, try to install a small lamp next to the table so that the workspace feels warmer and more comfortable. The table with enough lighting also makes you not easily drowsy, so it can be more productive again in completing the job.

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