One way to improve your morale is to decorate your desk. You can apply it to the home office desk. Can also be applied to people who work at home such as authors, graphic designers, web developers, online media managers, and so on. In this time, we are going to introduce some home office desk that you can apply in your own office so that it will bring a new atmosphere in your office.

The Covet Desk

Home Office Desk
source: Case Furniture

The first home office desk that you can apply in your own office is using the Covet Desk. Actually, one of the best Covet Desk came from Shin Azumi. This table has a drawer or a special slate for storing papers or important files. With this hidden drawer, your desk still looks clean and tidy. If you look for files are also not difficult and complicated, just open just a squeeze under this table. By using this desk, you will more comfortable with doing your job.


The Reindeer Desk

source: The Design Critic

The second home office desk that you can use in your home office is the reindeer desk. This desk is inspired by the elegance of the deer, Alex Kozynets manages to create a deer-like table, the Reinder Desk. The shape is really dynamic and natural. This white table offers beautiful contemporary art creations and is not just an ordinary table. This table is suitable for where you write or read favorite books.


The Duplex Workspace Desk

source: Yanko Design

The next home office that you can use is the duplex workspace desk. This Duplex table is actually created by designer Sophie Kirkpatrick and tailor-made for you who have a very narrow space but full of goods. This table is quite unique because it has a hood that can be opened the lid. So, if you need a quiet atmosphere, just open the hood. This perfect design seems to be designed to be a super personal table.


The Wave Desk

source: Custom Made

Robert Brou is the one who created this desk. He invented a new technique by slicing the wooden table to form a waveform. Incredibly again, each “slice of the wave” is a drawer that you can use to store something.


The Luna Desk

source: Calibre Furniture

Another stylish desk came from an Italian company named Luna. A futuristic touch can suck the attention of anyone who saw it. By using this table, your room will look cool and will also bring a new atmosphere to the room that will allow you to work for a long time.

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The Kanapetko Desk

source: Coroflot

Krassi Dimitrov is the one who made this desk. He is famous for a person who has a lot of creativity in changing the wood or chair becomes more attractive. When you place them in the room, it will make your room look more beautiful and elegant.


Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk

source: Amazon

This desk is large and will make you feel more comfortable when doing a long-term project. It is made of high-quality materials which will make this table more durable. As you can see that the colors on this table are so elegant, the dark espresso color of the table also provides some drawers that you can use to store unused items.



Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core

source: Amazon

Next, you can use Monarch Specialties Corner Desk in your office. By using this desk you can get a new mood as well as a new atmosphere in your home office. It is made of wood which has high-quality materials. This desk also used a contemporary design which is suitable for this era.



Sauder Carson Forge Desk

source: Amazon

If we see this desk, it will look quite interesting. However, this desk is made of high-quality materials that make it durable. And also if you look carefully, then you will see that this table can indeed make one reference because it has a classic style and also looks dashing.



Analiese Three Drawer Writing Desk

source: Amazon

The last example of office desk that would become your references is by using Analiese Three Drawer Writing Desk. By using this desk, you will not only get the comfortable atmosphere while doing some activities such as writing, reading, etc., but also this desk will give the impression of rustic which will absolutely make your room more attractive and also it will make you feel at home doing your job.