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Garden sheds can be used to store all your gardening supplies and offer a lot of space to store all of your tools and equipment, not to mention they are an excellent place to sit when you have some time out to enjoy yourself and the garden.

However, before you start building your shed take a few minutes to consider exactly what you need your new shed for, do you need it to store solely tools and equipment, or do you want to store many different items in it?

After you have answered these questions then you should start searching locally for the best shed available to suit your needs. Your garden sheds solution will most likely depend on the amount of space you have available in your garden and if you have a small garden then you will most likely need to build a small storage unit.

One of the most popular types of small garden storage unit is the wall mounted one, they provide good ventilation but because there is no floor to ventilate the smell from the tools can build up which can be unsanitary.

If you decide to go with this option, then make sure that the shed is made from wood as this is very easy to maintain.

Another popular option is the lean-to, this is basically a shed that sits on a foundation that is either concrete or stone. The only requirement is that the shed should be four feet from the ground, this will give plenty of room for you to move around your garden shed without knocking everything over.

There are also freestanding garden sheds that have a wooden shed base, these are very popular as they are simple to build.

As with any other type of wooden shed base these come in a variety of styles, the cheapest and easiest to build are usually constructed using just pine and cedar.

Wood is by far the cheapest building material available, however, this is not to say that you cannot build something really stunning using other materials, the only limit is your imagination.

With a little help from family and friends you can create amazing structures, it is simply a matter of following some step-by-step instructions from an online video or book.

The most important thing to remember when constructing any type of shed is safety, if you intend to put any flammable items inside then take extra precautions to make sure you are not putting anyone at risk.

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