Rustic kitchen decor – Today, A kitchen space is no longer only serves as a place to cook and mingle but the kitchen has undergone a change and not like the kitchen that is known function first.

In the past, the kitchen simply had a function as a place to prepare food every day without really paying attention to the decor details of the kitchen room itself and the innovative design for the kitchen room. Now, the habits and trends of the design have changed.

The kitchen becomes a space where there is so much variety of activities to do in it, and not just a place to be creative in culinary, all things that are related to various jobs are also done in the kitchen, such as kitchen and refreshing. The kitchen room can be a warm place and invites you to linger in it and feel comfortable. To make this happen, this rural style is right for you and for building a traditional atmosphere.

The cozy rustic Italian kitchen is some of the most important things for women. Although times have changed and women are no longer just being housewives, they still tend to have the last word when it is time to choose kitchen furniture. But women know very well, that when it comes to the kitchen woman only one expert and no one else.

The Italian design model, which is how many people are familiar with the Tuscan style, ideally combined in the decor of the environment and everyday life. The antiques here are perfectly combined with the rustic simplicity. In general, situations such as this lead to a sense of security and stability.

The main emphasis in the Italian decorations is quite comprehensive. It should be made only from natural wood and luxurious in various colors and shades. The shade color chosen will depend on the overall interior color solution, which you should consider for your kitchen.

However, this does not mean that colors should be used only within a certain range of limits: the main task is to take a harmonious combination. For example, an Italian-style kitchen offers an interior wall combining an olive background with white furniture, terracotta, and creams or individual dark-colored surfaces.

Here some rustic kitchen decor that can be one of your references

1. Using an ancient interior design

This is the first rustic kitchen decor than can you apply in your own home. The rustic kitchen styles tend to pay homage to interior design in the past, with the addition of elements that have become part of the history of the ancestors. A familiar look can be seen from past artifacts made into ornaments, and kitchen utensils that have tasted from the past. The furnaces that use wood can also be an additional rustic kitchen decorator. If your kitchen does not have an active fireplace, you can keep the fireplace as a traditional accent in your kitchen.

2. Using a brick wallpaper in your kitchen

The second rustic kitchen decor is using a brick wallpaper in your kitchen. You should know that not only wood is the main character in the style of rustic interior design, brick walls can also be an ornament that enriches the atmosphere of rural style. The main idea is to return to simple and natural building materials, giving rise to a warm impression to the surface. Bricks become an important feature to add visual wealth in the kitchen. For example, you can use beaustile white brick mosaic 3d wall sticker home decor fire retardant backsplash wallpaper bathroom kitchen diy.

3. You should apply every single part in your kitchen is in your sight

The third rustic kitchen decor is by applying everything in your kitchen is in your sight. One of the secrets behind the success of a rustic-style kitchen is the appearance of a living and fresh-looking style in the kitchen room, to arouse the impression of home-cooked aroma from a missed mother.

Rustic-style kitchens usually leave kitchen utensils such as cooking pots, pans, and other tools hanging for easy access to use and as part of the decor. If the cooking utensil is made of copper, then the kitchen look will be maximal because of the traditional touch and the kitchen a countryside. For example, you can use home styles 5524-948 country lodge kitchen island and stools.

4. Using a colorful wall

The last tips for making rustic kitchen decor is by using a colorful wall in your kitchen. Painting the kitchen wall in a rustic decor is a good step in today’s rustic design. The blend of paint with the simplicity of rustic style for a wood-dominated kitchen, stone, and brick can create a bold style for the kitchen. This concept creates an atmosphere that invites all family members to come and spend time in the kitchen that feels fresh and lives in every detail.

Happy decorating!