Living room

50+ Cozy TV Room Setup Inspirations

The room wants a refrigerator and microwave. By means of this rule, you maintain your rec room from turning into a wreck again. For those play-dates and daily unwinding so crucial for kids, an informal rec” ...

Jessica - May 6, 2017

Simple Loft Conversion Ideas for Dormer

Simple Loft Conversion Ideas for Dormer- Nowadays, almost every house surely has a space that sometimes never used. Especially there are only two up to four members of your family, there is still plenty of space ...

Jessica - April 24, 2017

70+ Awesome Roof Lantern Extension Ideas

Roof Lantern Extension Ideas – When we are talking about the exterior of the house, we should also talk about the roof of the house. there are several things before creating a house, and one of the examples is ...

Jessica - April 24, 2017