Bonjour Fellows! Talking about one of the biggest city in the Europe, Paris, we are connecting our memories to one of the most beautiful places in the whole world from any different perspective. Paris has so many miracles from its food, art, architecture, romantic place and many more. Now we are pointed our sight to their beautiful design, especially at Parisian Decor Inspiration.

From every detail, we can see their taste of luxury and beauty incorporate with minimalist touch but delivering a high value of art. It’s come with a serene and relaxing atmosphere that could transport you to the best mood you willing to attain.

Luxurious chandeliers always accompany every couple looking for the best romantic dinner. In every particular room at the home, we can find it’s furniture are chosen and sober, complementing our need for world-class architectural design.

Timothy Corrigan’s Paris Apartment Source

Timothy Corrigan's Paris Apartment
image source: Architectural Digest

This apartment design is laying around with our mind in that windows which aligned with mirrors, each mirror connecting dining room and living room. This illusion also incorporated with Napoleon III Chandeliers. This design comes with Vintage Jansen Stools and Patterson Flynn Martin Carpet.

Elie Saab’s Living room

image source: Architectural Digest

We can find low table and sofas in this beautiful setting made by Chakib Richani. This authentic design is inspired by cube says the designer.

Midcentury House in The Paris

image source: Architectural Digest

Finding Midcentury style in the middle of modern urban Paris is very hard, but finally, we can accomplish this mission on this mansion. Designed for the couple by Charlez Zana, it’s filled with text painting on the wall and some of the contemporary artwork ready to greets and impress the visitors.

Anne McNally’s soigné living room

image source: Architectural Digest

An eclectic impression is standing not so far from one of the beautiful room at this mansion, especially because the fresh mint colored and the mirror whose Jacques Garcia make.

Sylvain Lévy-Alban

image source: Architectural Digest

The owner of this living room wants to attain luxury classic atmosphere and relying on this job to the well known interior consultant, Charlie Garnett.

Jean Louis Deniot design

image source: Architectural Digest

To bringing 16’s an 17’s style into Parisian decor, Bessarabian rug from Beauvais Carpets is invited to accentuate this room also Italian Chandelier to attain midcentury classic style.

Stefano Pilati Dining room’s

image source: Architectural Digest

Nothing can beat woodland mural and artsy table setting from vintage Lalique glassware plus luxurious crystal candlesticks. This setting not only attains standing ovation but also bringing contemporary design into the next level.

Parisian Living Room

image source: Architectural Digest

The Perriand’s stool is very stand out from this portrait, it’s combined with silkscreen stone mantel from Warhol to presenting epic combination.

Veronica Toub

image source: Architectural Digest

Laurent Bourgois giving nice touch combined with a vintage sofa from Paul László and cocktail table. This setting also accompanied by Maurice Estève’s and Helen Khal’s artworks.

Linda Pinto’s Apartment

image source: Architectural Digest

Roberto Matta makes this apartment as his canvas by giving bronze side table and sofa with 1970s classic pillows.

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