Small apartment decorating ideas As we know, we have more time to live or stay in an apartment which is not quite huge, and that makes us feel uncomfortable to live in such apartment because of the minimum size itself, especially when you have lots of items or even you live in a crowded cities which already have so many building or apartment within those cities.

Unfortunately, you cannot have a big apartment. But no worries, you still can decorate your small apartment as if you have a huge apartment and it still fit your budget.

Here some tips to decorate your small apartment

1. You have to look for the transition in your apartment room

The first small apartment decorating ideas you can do is to have the transition in your apartment room. There are many owners of apartments prefer to choose an open space concept to decorate their small apartment. This is because that the whole apartment would feel more spacious and huge. However, the concept of an open space actually often produces a room that is not well-ordered, messy and also the unsightly eye.

2. You have to choose the dual function furniture

The second thing for small apartment decorating ideas is by choosing the dual or multifunction furniture. Every single inch of a small apartment you have really need a room that is used for cooking, putting your clothes or anything else.

You should maximize the space in your small apartment by choosing the dual or multifunctional furniture that can play a double role. And this is this is why you can choose the modern portable wardrobe for hanging clothes and also for putting your other items so you can save a lot of space in the small apartment.

One room in the apartment that can apply this double role furniture is in the bedroom. You can start from a bed that can be folded into a seat and a minimalist cabinet with hidden storage as well as a beautiful room decoration.

The dining room is also can be one of the space in your small apartment that can be put on the multifunction furniture. Starting ng from folding dining tables to hanging tables for family breakfast. Nowadays, there are also many types of furniture in the shop that is suitable for the family room which can be adapted to the scale of the small apartments. And most importantly, you are good at combining and matching furniture, so you should remember to check the size of the items before buying it.

small apartment decorating ideas

3. Use a very effective space in your apartment

The third thing to have a small apartment decorating ideas is by using a very effective space in your apartment. After staying in the apartment for a certain period of time, you can realize that there are more spaces that are rarely used and also not effective. For example, the empty kitchen shelves that are still empty, or the corner of your apartment is also still empty, or even the drawers are abandoned. Take a moment and try to look back at the function of the apartment as a whole. With a new perspective one, you can read the corner or part of the apartment that is not utilized properly.

Use the minimalist windows as a bright workplace inspiration, or you can buy a small cabinet to be placed in an empty corner as an extra storage without having to make the apartment looks like more crowded.

4. By applying the vertical concept

When you are choosing the furniture specifically for storage, it is important for you to consider a vertical or an extending upward. Vertical storage systems are the best space-saving solutions, especially for small and space-less apartments.

Maximize the walls of your room with the ceiling by building wall shelves in the apartment. You may also choose a cabinet like two pieces of long shelves placed as partitions for your bedroom. Do not forget a little touch of a cozy apartment-style decor, such as warm and attractive wicker baskets.

5. Good lighting in your room

The last thing for small apartment decorating ideas is having a good lighting. Lighting is considered to become very important for the room, due to the fact that if you have a good lighting in your apartment, it will make a person who lives in the apartment feel more comfortable. Conversely, if the lighting is bad then makes the someone tend to be more narrow and bad.

Therefore, if you want to make your small apartment looks like bigger, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your apartment gets as much light as possible.

For the lighting itself, it does not mean that you have to install many lights for your room, but what you have to do is to make natural light such as adding some ventilation to the wall or you can also do installing a glass partition for more incoming light.

100 Ideas for decorating a small apartment

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