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30+ Awesome Modern Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas


Bathroom design does not always have to be bright and shiny. You need to know that rustic or outdated design is loved in the present era. This may be due to the saturation of rigid and perfect designs of modern-minimalist. Now the rustic style is getting a position in the heart of society.

Rustic-style bathroom design also has variations that vary according to the taste and personality of the design maker of the bathroom.
Rustic bathroom design is likely to be flexible and exotic, but you should be more diligent in taking care of it. Here are some examples of rustic bathroom decor that can inspire you.

1. Rustic Ethnic

The first rustic bathroom decor that can inspire you is rustic ethnic. Rustic ethnic bathroom design combines several natural elements such as rocks and also ethnic elements. The use of chamber and horse chute lights will add an exotic feel to your bathroom design. Rustic-ethnic bathroom design should use a toilet seat, and it is preferable to design a bathroom like this is a dry bathroom.

In the rustic-ethnic bathroom, you can use a variety of traditional stone tools such as a hammer and be listing to be used as a sink and even a bathtub. Feel free to add a variety of ethnic and traditional decorative ornaments such as paintings, sculptures, and other crafts. You have to avoid using white lights for this bathroom design, always use a yellow light. The use of white lights in a rustic bathroom will give the impression dirty and narrow.

2. Using Western Rustic

The second rustic bathroom decor which can be one of your references is using western rustic. This beautiful bathroom style combines old western style and rustic style. You can use an ancient copper sink with white stone pedestal and cowboy style horse-drawn lanterns. This bathroom is beautifully cute with a sprinkling of pink roses. Try to use the toilet seat, but the use of the shower is also not a problem. This type of bathroom can be made into a semi-arid bathroom. You can also use the Birdrock home free standing seagrass toilet paper holder and dispenser which can make your bathroom view more classic and awesome.

3. Greenhouse Bathroom

The third rustic bathroom decor which also can inspire you is greenhouse bathroom. The bathroom, as well as the greenhouse, is a unique design that can inspire. Elements of wood, glass, and green plants making anyone who bathe in it will feel at home for long. A bathroom like this should be a dry bathroom. Bathrooms like this also have constraints, namely fungi that can damage wood, but ironically the fungi are also plants that can make this bathroom more vibrant. If you need something as a cover, you might use Quictent 2 doors 20 stakes heavy duty 20’x10’x7′ portable greenhouse large walk-in green garden hothouse 8 vents + 2 doors flow-through ventilation.

4. Rustic Modern Ancient

Another rustic bathroom decor which can you apply in your home is by using rustic modern ancient. This semi-ancient bathroom combines elements of modern bathrooms and rocks. The rocks used are white rocks like marble. Bathrooms like this create an open impression and more united with nature.

5. Wooden Bathtub

The wooden bathtub concept with modern style is certainly quite commonplace. But presenting a bathtub with rustic bathroom concept apparently also is not impossible. The concept can be displayed with the application of a bathtub with wood material so that it closely with nature and traditional concepts. The wooden bathtub with the modern bathroom concept becomes an attractive blend of bathroom style.

6. The minimalist Wooden Shelves

Modern stylish bathrooms generally apply neutral color wall paint as the dominant color in the bathroom. This would make the blend of modern bathroom concept with the rustic concept through a minimalist shaped wooden shelf becomes quite easy to blend so that it can produce a bathroom with a modern minimalist rustic concept sweet.

7. Using Exposure Concrete

The exposure concrete is often regarded as a building that has not been so perfect. It is given the impression arising from exposed concrete like an outdated building. So in order to get a bathroom with a modern rustic style, you can combine concrete exposure concepts with furniture that contain modern elements or with black-colored wall paint that looks elegant.

8. Rustic Exposure Bricks

The last rustic bathroom decor which you can use is a rustic exposure brick. In addition to the concrete exposure concept, the exposed brick concept can also display the rustic side of an interior design. You can blend exposed brick material with white paint on the walls and a variety of bathroom furniture. In order for the rustic concept to be more assertive, use wood as the floor of the bathroom

Awesome Modern Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Awesome Modern Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

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