The bathroom isn’t public area and most people aren’t thinking that this is important to give extra attention at this spot. But as the private area maybe you want to attain the best shower experience that fit with your taste, and if your interior style is rustic perhaps you have to adopt one of the derivative rustic style called farmhouse.

Like its name, an idea of applying farmhouse style is too inviting old refurbished farming tools into your home to attain shabby look. It closely looks like the industrial style but using more farming and country touch.

It’s not popular as much as minimalist style, but when you apply this style on your bathroom decor you will be blessed with charming, warmth, and inviting atmosphere. It also makes you have a similar decoration that makes you stand out and unique.

Even though this looks like old and repurposed, doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice the cleanness and simplicity as modern minimalist style. If you looking around through internet or magazine you can find that many people are combining both modern and farmhouse style, it’s resulting from better combination called modern farmhouse. It allows you to keep your recycled windmill and clay pot among minimalist and clutter-free environment to attain cozy and stand out look.

But to attain this kind of atmosphere, consider choosing a monochromatic look with soft gradation and avoid choosing colorful choice, this choice will provide you with the serene and relaxing feel. And for long lasting and durable wood accessories, place it on a high and dry spot to keep it away from water sprinkle. Also, don’t forget to give a coat to keep it from fungus because you have to place it on the humid environment.

In the dry area, you can complete your farmhouse bathroom decoration with a refurbished wooden bench and maybe a big metal bucket for the sink. Also, a metal framed classic mirror for makeup vanity and traditional tile with the mosaic pattern for accentuating farmhouse feeling. Grey accent will be the best option for covering the wall and to keep away your bathroom from overwhelming accessories.

The yellow light bulb maybe could be considered for enhancing more warm feeling but it’s gonna be blurry in the night, for this case you can solve with both red light and the yellow light bulb on your bathroom. To emphasize the rustic look you can use on the styled shower with turquoise color and blue shower curtain.