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45+ Awesome Country Style Decor for Small Living Room


A living room is like the main of a house and it is a representation of every homeowner. The minimalist living room becomes an option because of its simple design but it is modern and also elegant.

In order to have a comfortable and minimalist living room, indeed you need the idea of arrangement or spatial ideas.

When you want to decorate your living room, you also have to consider the space in your room and also the model that is suitable to be applied in your house because every house might have a different design.

The minimalist living room arrangement will be also influenced by the furniture that is used such as the selection of sofas, chairs, tables, and also chandeliers.

You have to choose the furniture according to the minimalist living room style that you want. Now, I would like to give you some examples of country-style decor that you can apply in your house.

1. Germany Minimalist Living Room

The first example of country style decor is Germany minimalist living room. This minimalist house in Germany itself often takes the concept of sexy minimalist glass and also concrete that eventually endemic among lovers of minimalist home architecture design.

For example is a house in Thuringen, and also a design which is dominated by glass walls around the house. The Germany minimalist house usually uses a sliding door. This Germany minimalist living room which is used a glass concept can indeed make us feel alive because we can directly see the nature from the house.

The minimalist living room in Germany itself is also a room that is combined with other rooms such as minibars.

2. Marocco Minimalist Living Room

The second example of country style decor is using Marocco Minimalist Living Room. The concept of a minimalist living room in Morocco is more using the bright colors and also exotic. Although identical to the bustling design and less minimalist, the current trend of style minimalist style of Morocco mostly used by a young couple.

In order to apply this minimalist living room in your house, you just need to put the carpet with a bright color and also put a pillow that will make the room looks more beautiful.

The minimalist living room is also usually combined with minimal furniture because the Moroccans like the gathering, so they need a spacious room. You need to know that in order to apply this decoration, you have to understand about the geometric motif because this motif is a hallmark of the house in Marocco, but do not be too excessive when applying it.

3. South Korea Minimalist Living Room

The third example of country style decor is using a South Korean living room. The design in South Korea started to be used by many people, including Indonesian people.

The design of the house in South Korea has a distinctive feature as it is combined with the existing traditions of the country. Usually, for Korean minimalist living room often use multifunctional furnitures such as sofa bed or folding table. This represents the characteristic of Korean people who do not like items that are less functional or even not multifunctional/useless.

In Sout Korean, the minimalist living room will be filled by a desk and also filled by a minimalist guest chair with television. The choice of furniture color is also made as minimal as possible as well as wearing a choice of color matching with wall painting.

Wall painting in the living room minimalist in South Korea is often using colors such as white, gray, yellow and also cream color.

4. Japan Minimalist Living Room

The fourth example of country style decor is by using Japan minimalist living room. Although this minimalist living room is quite the same with the minimalist living room in South Korea, there is one thing that actually distinguishes between the minimalist living room between Japan and South Korea.

If Korea is identically used to the technology, the design of a minimalist living room in Japan identically shows the traditional style with modern technology. For example, the glass spaces that are identical with the minimalist house, combined with sliding door like a traditional house in Japan.

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5. English Minimalist Living Room

The fifth and also the last example of country style decor is using English minimalist living room.

The design used for a living room in English is using monochrome design. We can see from the blend of colors between black, white, and also gray which gives the impression that the house looks clean.

They also put some furniture such as tables, chairs, and sofas. The simplicity of color that exists in the minimalist living room of England will bring luxury for homeowners.

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