Apartment Decor Ideas With Limited Budget. Try These Tips!

Apartment Decor Ideas. Finally, you already have your apartment. But, unfortunately, your apartment decor isn’t exactly as you want.

You need to make some changes to its decorations which need to spend the amount of budget.

After calculating, you only have a limited budget which prevents you from buying the stuff you want to decorate your apartment. 

You’re not alone. Many people out there also struggle to decorate their apartments due to their limited budget.

However, it doesn’t mean there are no ways to decorate your apartment as you want on a budget. Here are an article for you, apartment decor ideas

Make Vision Board

If you want to decorate your apartment on a budget, making a plan is a must. You can’t just do it blindly without having careful planning.

By planning, you can determine things you need to get for your apartment decor. Planning also helps you buy things at a price that fits your budget.

There are some ways to do the planning. Making a vision board is the easiest way since it will help you see clearly what color vibe suits you or the style you want to show off on your apartment decor.

It also can motivate and inspire you when you are stuck in your decoration process. 

You can just simply search for some pictures in a magazine, cut them, and stick them on the wall.

You can also use pictures from Instagram, Tumblr, and others for your inspiration. The easiest way you can do this is by collecting some pictures and putting them on Pinterest as your online vision board.

Make It Personal

These are the easiest tips you can do for apartment decor. Giving your personal touch on apartment decor can bring a personal and intimate feeling since the decoration resonates with your vibe and style.

It also can show off your preference and taste every time the guest visits your apartment. 

You can start it by spotlighting your hobbies. If you love to play music, you can hang your guitar on the wall or display your record collection.

If you love photography, you can frame pictures you took on the wall—no need to buy some new accessories for decoration.

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Just style your room with anything that can tell your taste and preferences. 

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism has become the trend these past years. This trend fits you who want to spend a minimal budget on apartment decor.

Sometimes, people like to overcrowd their space with unnecessary stuff. But, by applying minimalism, now you can fill your apartment with the necessary stuff that fits your budget.

That way, your apartment will look simple and minimal.

You can also keep it minimal by applying neutral colors like white or gray to your wall or furniture.

Neutral colors are the best because they are cheap, yet you can combine them with other colors.

Besides, neutral color can bring a calm, peaceful, and warm feeling to your apartment.

Hang Curtains on the Windows

The other tip for your apartment decor is to hang curtains on your windows. It is cheap, but it is the best way to make your apartment look fancy and classy.

These curtains can also make your apartment look bigger, especially if you live in a small apartment.

Just hang it as high as possible and closer to the ceiling to make your small space look bigger. 

Use Fake Plants or Flowers

Having real plants or flowers in your apartment is great. However, most plants or flowers have expensive prices that are very bad for your budget.

If you still want to have some plants or flowers in your apartment, just buy the fake ones.  

The price is cheap but still helpful to make your apartment look homey and lively. There are many variations of fake plants or flowers, both big and small.

Just buy some of your favorites and put them in some spot in your apartment.

Decorating your budget can be difficult if you only have a budget. But you don’t need to worry anymore.

By applying these tips, you can now decorate your apartment that fits your style but is still within your budget. Have fun!

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