We can find that island kitchen has been applied in the most of modern house nowadays, it’s versatility and their multifunctional advantages make this island kitchen becoming a part of the modern house that we can miss.

To have an amazing kitchen island with sink and seating unit, you don’t have to cost a lot of your money. Not because of it’s affordable price but when we can compare to buying island kitchen or having separated dinner table, coffee table, wash basin, and seating unit, you will realize that it’s far cheaper.

Having a large kitchen island means that you have to design your kitchen width a bit wider because of its dimension. But kitchen island will provide you with space efficient advantages because of its versatility. Imagine you can prepare your foodstuff, wash your dishes, storage, or even finish your work in the single kitchen island, sure it’s something that desires to achieve.

Amazing kitchen island with sink and seating also come in the market with different price, the reason of this variety came from the various choice of material, dimension, and design. Some of them made from solid coated wood, and for the more expensive island kitchen, you can find on granite island kitchen.

Both of them have their own pros and cons but when you willing to having a long-lasting investment, you should choose the stone made material one. It’s not only durable but also giving you luxurious and low maintenance look.

To attain space efficient feature, most of the island kitchen designed with stool that can be hidden underneath when we do not use it. Some of that also having a hybrid design that mixing conventional rectangular an round shaped dinner table at one island kitchen unit. But I personally think that this design is not really mobile when you need to move it and look fragile, plus I don’t think that this design also considers as aesthetic, look like the designer are pushing too much to attain the functionality of dinner table and wash basin.

Having a nice touch of the matched floor, kitchen island, and the wall accent helps you to achieve an interesting combination that isn’t overwhelming at all. If you wanna have coworking pace near your food station, make sure that you are investing in the good stool to maintain your posture and keep your productivity in the highest level.

We’re glad to bringing to you several tips above but we’ve completed our jobs by more than 30+ inspiration below. Hope you get inspired, you know what to do, and you’ll find.

Amazing Kitchen Island with Sink and Seating Ideas, picture from freshome.com

Amazing Kitchen Island with Sink and Seating Ideas, picture from homedit.com