Having a beautiful house on the shore makes you closer to the natural ocean and you want to enjoy the vibe not only from the outside but also inside your house. Having envy bathroom might be your dream that considers as a desirable trophy, and blend it into beach themed is a must.

The great setup of beach themed bathroom consists of a various arrangement of color, vibrant, scheme, showers, flooring, countertops, bathtubs, and many more. but the most important thing is making sure that the setup will become your favorite choice as the homeowner.

But you still can add more than one style in your bathroom, but we’re highly recommending the minimalist style to overcome every obstacle you find in the endeavor. That because your setup will go versatile and everybody can feel the same of yours.

You can choose cream-colored curtain to avoid overwhelmed vibe, this choice also allows you to attain versatile setup and make your room look bigger than it’s true to size. For your bathtub you can pick medium sized bathtub to space efficient purpose an make sure you choose the white colored one. You can also add a few little toys for your children when they take a shower with their parent.

Mozaic patterned ceramic for your wash basin is something that you should consider to apply in your beach themed bathroom. Above it place large size mirror that also helps you to make your bathroom look bigger than it actual size. Installing a towel hanger near it also make your bathroom clutter free.

If you willing to attain more organic and earthy look, you can use earthenware like planter pots to put your plant inside your beach themed bathroom. It does not only enhance the vibe but also provide you with fresh air from it photosynthesis. Doesn’t like the others room, you don’t have to worry about damage properties from it’s humid or waterdrop. Makes sure that you chose appropriate plant so that it’s will survive in a bathroom environment.

You can choose either dark nautical scheme or subtle ocean, but maybe you can apply both of them if you have more than one bathroom in your home, but we agree that applying beach themed bathroom need more than just intuition but also taste. So we decided to sort more than thirty inspiration below (images from houzz.com).