9 Realistic Ways To Keep My Desk Clean & Organized

Navigating the sea of online home organization advice, I’ve learned the importance of discerning truly helpful tips from the overly complex.

Here, I share the essence advice focusing on the techniques that have proven most effective for me.

Cable Management

The struggle against cable clutter is real. I’ve adopted simple solutions like cable ties and cable holders to keep my cables neatly organized and out of sight.

These small tools have been instrumental in turning my tangled messes into organized setups, improving both the functionality and aesthetics of my living spaces.

Utilizing Sandwich Bags for Small Items

One surprisingly simple yet effective tool I’ve embraced is the humble sandwich bag. I use them to organize small items like nuts, bolts, and cables, which is especially useful for my hobbies that involve many small components.

This approach is not only economical but also capitalizes on an item that’s readily available in most homes.

Adopting a ‘Put It Away, Not Down’ Rule

One of my principles that I’ve taken to heart is the “don’t put it down, put it away” rule. This mindset has encouraged me to take immediate action to return items to their designated places, effectively preventing clutter from accumulating.

Though it took some effort to adopt this practice initially, it has been crucial in maintaining an organized home.

Custom Storage Solutions

The importance of custom storage solutions, a principle that’s especially relevant in homes with limited space.

By creating bespoke storage solutions, such as under-stair storage and a multipurpose broom closet, I’ve been able to maximize space and keep my belongings neatly organized, just as Matt has in his own home.

Shoe Cubby for the Entryway

A cluttered entryway used to give a chaotic first impression of my home. I introduced a shoe cubby, a simple solution that keeps shoes neatly stored and out of sight.

This addition has not only tidied up my entryway but also made it more welcoming.

Drawer Dividers for Organized Drawers

Drawer dividers are another simple yet effective tool I’ve employed to maintain organized drawers, whether in the kitchen, office, or bedroom.

Dividers have allowed me to compartmentalize items, making them easily accessible and preventing the all-too-common “junk drawer.”

Under-Bed Storage for Seasonal Items

Another practical tip is maximizing under-bed space with storage bags for seasonal items or clothing. This method ensures that infrequently used items are neatly stored away, freeing up valuable closet space for items in regular rotation.

Everything Has Its Place

A fundamental principle of organization that Matt advises, and I’ve found invaluable, is assigning a specific place for every item. Taking the time to plan where each item belongs simplifies cleaning and reduces the likelihood of losing things.

It also encourages mindful consumption and the decluttering of unnecessary possessions.


This way has provided me with a grounded and achievable approach to home organization. Implementing these strategies has helped me create a more orderly living environment, allowing for a more focused and serene lifestyle.

The key to effective organization, I’ve learned, is not about achieving perfection but about finding practical solutions that work for my unique space and needs.






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