A comfort inhabiting the house is influenced by the interior of the house itself, a house with the beautiful interior is certainly comfortable to live in, but a house with a bad interior makes it uncomfortable when inhabited. Interior design at home needs an improvement because it will determine comfort when inhabiting the house. For example a narrow house with dark interior and large furniture then the house will feel crowded and uncomfortable inhabited, of course, the interior design of the house must adjust to the model and size of the house for interior design is harmonious and looks good.

If your living room design has no more space and it might affect your dream house, but no worries! The small living room should not be a constraint in the design, you can do some brilliant ideas for the beauty of the living room.

To facilitate in arranging the interior of the house should have a picture of what kind of interior design is desired. Photos or pictures from the interior of the house can be used as a reference in designing the interior of the house.

In this discussion, we will share examples of interior design for a simple house that you can use as an example in interior designing your home. A simple house requires creative ideas in interior design because this house tends to be small so in choosing the furniture of the house should be according to its size. To make the interior simple house looks modern than the furniture or furniture that is used also must be modern, nowadays there are many modern-style types of furniture so you can choose it for your home.

Here some examples of interior hackss that you can apply in your hose.

1. Using a bedroom interior design

The first interior hackss that can you apply in your house is by using a bathroom interior design. As you know that a bedroom as the main facility of a house becomes a thing that should take precedence in the design. the concept of interior design is commonly used that is by putting forward the basic principles of architecture such as environment, nature, etc.

The wooden crate floor with a balcony door is made of folding glass doors to enrich the small bedroom. In addition to artistic and chic with a tropical environment, all of these materials look elegant, yet easy and inexpensive in their care. This is one example of a bathroom interior design that you can use (white-black)2 pcs bath mat coral fleece floor mats bathroom door and toilet ground mat water absorption anti-slip anti-bacteria rugs.

2. Using a multifunction interior design

The second interior hackss that can be your references is using multifunction interior design. If you have limited space in your house but it does not mean it can be a limitation of the development of needs that must be met. Multifunctional ideas in interior design that have no limit can be utilized to work around it.

Starting from a double cabinet door as a reading table or workbench, a bed that can be hidden on a shelf, or even a Murphy bed in various models. In addition to the bedroom area, multifunctional interior design can be applied to a variety of furniture, including the seating area under the window (window seat).

3. Using a design interior open-plan

You can also use a design interior open-plan as the interior hackss that you can apply in a simple way. You should know that the most effective trick and also can be a trend to get around the tiny home interior is ‘open-plan’.

This concept gives the idea of choice of elements other than the wall as a room divider. The boundary between spaces is not merely a massive wall. Can utilize the columns, furniture, even the color difference.

The open-plan concept also provides a comfortable and comfortable flow of space.

4. Using staircase design in your house

The last examples that can be your interior hackss is a staircase design in your house. You can build a staircase to as a “connector” between the floor and another part of the interior. The design of the stairs in the tiny house should also be considered as well as possible because the percentage of space needs more space.

One thing you should aware, if you have limited budget and also have no more space in your house, maybe you can use a split-grow concept that can be used to solve your small room but it still can be manipulated as if you have two floors when we see from the front so that it does not look flashy.