I wanted to show you how we made this pallet wood coffee table. We had a lot of fun designing this table with waterfall mitered legs. Another cool thing about this design is the removable center bin. It can be taken out and filled with drinks on ice, flowers or even makes great lego holding table. The first thing that you want to do is gather all the pallet wood for the table.

Try to find pallet wood that is the same thickness. You will also be using some 2×4’s as well. If you have a pallet but are not sure how to take it apart, be sure to check out our video “How to Dismantle a Pallet Easily” Start by cutting all your boards to the same width. Then cut them to length according to the plans. Assemble the frame of the table together being sure to keep everything nice and square. Remember you want the center bin to be removable, so don’t nail it in place. Sand all the boards smooth enough to remove slivers, but still keeping the rough details.

Glue on the boards and nail them in place around the entire table frame. Cut the top panel boards to length and be sure to miter one end of them where the legs will attach. Now start assembling the top panels of the table. We decided to try the biscuit joiner here to keep the boards together. Or you could secure them together using a keg jig on the back of the panels. Which way do you like to build things, a Kreg Jig or Biscuits, tell us in the comments below the First cut the biscuit holes, apply the glue in the holes, add one biscuit in each hole, clamp it all together to dry? Be sure to wipe off any extra glue, with a wet rag. You’ll be building the legs in this same way. Place the top panel onto the table frame. Be sure to line up the bottom of the mitered edge on the end of the table frame, so that the legs will join on properly. Use construction adhesive and 18ga nails to attach the panels to the top of the frame, After assembling the legs, Glue and nail them into place as shown.

To remove the sharp mitered edge, slide the curved portion of your hammer over the joint, to which round it off and seals the corner. Wipe off any extra glue. Once it’s all dry and all assembled it’s time for one final sand. Hand sand with 150 grit sandpaper over all the boards. Now you’re ready for the finish. We decided to use teak oil because we wanted it to be an outside table. Use a cheap nylon brush and a rag to put it on. start on the inside and work your way out. Don’t forget to do underneath as well. Repeat twice for the underside and 3 times for the outside legs and the top. Wipe away any excess oil. Now check out how you can use this amazing table. It’s great for ice and drinks when hosting a party or growing flowers!