Unique Pottery Ideas – Earthenware like pottery, jars, vessels, pots, or ceramics always succeeds to enhance your room and playing the key role to overcome a homogenous atmosphere and attain the vibe. Not only as an aesthetic decoration but also their functionality. For thousands of year ceramic having the great role of human endeavor, we can find it from Ming’s Dynasty in China to the contemporary modern pottery like present day, it’s mean that ceramic always becoming the side of human culture and always standing.

Even the main design of ceramic almost the same, but the variety of the arrangement, color, and sized helps this earthenware expanding its style from vintage, contemporary, eclectic, rustic, and modern arrangement.

As a planter, unique pottery for home interior also giving you the beauty of organic and earthy look, It allows you to feel blessed with an artistic touch.

Everybody has their own taste for having nice and artistic of unique pottery for home interior, but not everyone knows how to have the artsy arrangement. That’s why it takes me to comb several tips for your unique pottery on your home interior.

Use Saucer

Saucer has the very big role to protect your furniture from any damage of humid and water drop, choose the saucer that able to enhance the beauty of your pottery and plant.

Group into same color and dimension

You don’t have to complement your room with too many numbers of aesthetic pottery, but if you did you can arrange it at the central place as a focal point by its size and color. Make sure that you put it together in an artsy arrangement, take the biggest one in the behind, the medium size in front of it, and the smallest to fill the empty area take a look and you’ll find a satisfying setup.

Keep it clean

Everything behind and underneath your Pottery can be so dusty so you have to clean it regularly once a month or at least twice a year. Using extender dustier will help you reach the longest area. If you having enough time, clean your pottery with a towel and warm water to maintain it’s beauty.

Achieve your style

Like just we say, you can make an artsy arrangement with any different style that you crave. For example, if you willing modern look, choose bright colored pottery that standing in front of a subtle background. Or if you wanna have contemporary setup, choose dark blue or white colored pottery and place it above blank area on the cabinets.

On the other side, eclectic can be a solution for having a nice touch of monochromatic setup that consists of two significant color scheme, the bright and dark one. This setup also enhances your chevron patterned furniture.

The last one, classic style. It’s consist of so many different ways like rustic, shabby chic, industrial, farmhouse, and many more. Paint the background with cream-colored to make your pottery look stand out.


The setup of having nice and unique pottery for home Interior always expanding as the taste of people and the innovation of architectural design and technology behind the making of pottery. Your own creation and imagination will help us to enrich the treasure of pottery setup and interior design, your turn to leave your opinion in the comment column below.

Unique Pottery ideas for interior