Many people around the globe now making their great journey becoming extraordinary, they escaping their routine activity and traveling their dream through a home on the wheel called camper van, like its name, you are camping with your van. As a true traveler, you want to achieve a great journey with a wonderful experience without leaving a certain level of basic need like eating and most of the traveler utilizing their van with a kitchen.

Like you can imagine, having a part of your life in the small dwelling like van you should be very tricky. We’re talking about building ergonomic and space efficient setting to accommodate all of your need into one single van unit. It’s not an easy work but doesn’t mean impossible. You can find a lot of travelers succeed in their journey and making their van like a small unit apartment with a cozy and stylish standard. They complete their jobs not only with kitchen but also one queen sized bed, one cozy workspace, and even toilet.

It’s a lot of sacrifices to live inside a camper van but doesn’t mean you can’t live with cozy and style. There a lot of fun in the life of camper van traveler. They can sleep an wake up every morning with a different view from day to another. You can find yourself waking up in the morning in the middle of a shore, forest, mountain, dessert, and many places that nobody can’t reach. Free from mortgage also one of several reasons you can dig from them.

Having nomad life force you to adapt and overcome everything you find on the roads, sometime you can’t just ask for help in the middle of a situation and you have to find the solution by yourself. And you can’t just go inside a restaurant to fulfill your basic need, you have to start learning how to cook and prepare yourself with foodstuff before traveling.