Relaxing in front of a tv or reading your favorite magazine in your living room is the best way to escape from daily routine and high level of stress. But you have to be more tricky if you having small living room on your home, especially when you want to take a new pair of sofa or seating unit.

First of all, you have to make sure that everything inside your living room is space efficiencies to accommodate all your stuff. The best solution to this problem is making the wall mounted desk and make your tv mounted to your wall, it’s will reducing space consumption and make your living room more aesthetic and clutter free.

And then implementing one in one out rule, it’s a basic rule to make your living room more organize and save your space. It’ s simply to take out old stuff like old sofa before you tuck in your new sofa. This rule is very useful especially if you intend to attain minimalist and clutter-free look.

Next step is choosing extra seating that can be concealed under the desk when you don’t use it, sure this step will make your living room look bigger and save your area. Using tray and storage unit may be the smartest way to keep your coffee table look tidier and clutter free. The perfect choice must be pointed to stools because you can park this additional seat under your table or desk.

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Another tip to make your living room more space efficient is choosing types of furniture that having multipurpose feature. For instance, you can make wall mounted desk that are can be used for makeup vanity or working area. This idea will allow you to save more space and money because you don’t have to spend extra money to buy furniture with different functionality.

Last but not least, consider choosing monochromatic furniture that can blend among your furniture and your living room scheme. Choosing colorful furniture that doesn’t match with your living room scheme just resulting headache.

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