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100+ Rustic Decor Ideas for Modern Home


Rustic decor ideas – The design of luxury homes should not only show a glamorous appearance and sparkle, or even spend a very expensive cost for decoration. If you want to get the luxury, you do not always have to use expensive materials, you can also have a home with the atmosphere and a luxurious appearance with rustic style house design.

The definition of luxury might be different from one to another. There are many aspects that can affect a person’s perspective on luxury. However, it can be generally assumed that luxury is a look that looks beautiful, something that seems overwhelming, expensive and also classy.

These assumptions might not be wrong, but it is also not entirely true because we all can also design a luxury with limited budgets. The natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, stone as well as various other complementary accessories, are able to create a luxurious look at your dwelling.

With the appropriate design and decoration, you are able to present the luxury of the natural elements. This proves that luxury is not always expensive, and natural simplicity is also a luxury for some people.

A Rustic style is a design concept that has characteristics of massive use of furniture and furniture with a coarse texture. Rustic itself has the meaning of old and rusty, and strongly focused on the use of iron, metal and natural materials.

Rustic design, began in the Roman era up to the Renaissance is more focused on finishing the facade using rough stone materials and contrasting appearance. In the 18th century, unfinished and rough-textured rustic styles began to be applied to the sand-lined wooden material to resemble rocks. The idea of rustic was then growing. Nowadays, the rustic design style transformed into one of the interior and exterior styles of the house that displays a unique impression, distinctive and also luxurious.

In order to create a rustic-style room in your home, you can use wood as the main material for the floor and or wall. Wood element gives the impression of warm and comfortable, thus making the room feel very inviting and also homey. Rustic style house design is elegant and classy.

Here some rustic decor ideas which can inspire you.

1. The rustic decor ideas using sofa

The first rustic decor ideas that can inspire you is by using the sofa. You can complete the comfort of your living room or family room with the presence of sofa that has warm colors, such as white, gray, beige and light brown. The beauty of the sofa with the extra cushions of similar pink couches. You can use American furniture classics sierra lodge sofa.

rustic decor ideas
American Furniture Classics Sierra Lodge Sofa


You can also add a rustic wooden table or coffee table right in the center of the sofa to complement the needs of storing food and drink. Although the sofa is a simple furniture and is quite affordable and cheap, this presence is able to provide warmth as well as luxury into the room.

2. Rustic Decor With Rocks Elements

The second rustic decor ideas that you can use is rustic decor with rocks elements. As we know, the rocks can give a natural and also can bring a cool atmosphere to the room. The element of rocks is very appropriate to give the design balance of the dominant use of wood materials. 

rustic decor ideas
Sunnydaze Fallen Log on River Rock Tabletop Fountain with LED Lights, 10 Inch


Both materials are capable of giving birth to the atmosphere of space full of softness and warmth, typical rooms with a classic design of luxury. You can also use rocks as a material on the wall. No need to use the stone in its entirety, you can present it on one part or side only.

3. Rustic Decor by Choosing A Suitable Accessories In Your Home

The last rustic decor ideas that can be your reference is using appropriate accessories in your home. In order to make the beautify rustic-style rooms, you can put floral-themed decorations such as flowers in some corners of space of your home. You can also use the floral as well as artificial flowers as a choice of decorative elements of space or interior accessories. The use of lights is also can be used to present a strong rustic atmosphere. Choose a lamp design that looks old with the original wood material without the finishing process.

Furthermore, you can create a dramatic impression, you can try using a spotlight. Place the spotlight on the top so as to produce a light illumination, slightly dim and feel very comfortable. Comfortable classic luxury houses.

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