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100+ Popular Wall Rustic Decor


Popular Wall Rustic Decor – As we know, the definition of luxury can be different from everyone, many aspects that affect a person’s perspective on luxury. However, it can be generally assumed that luxury is a look that looks beautiful, something that seems overwhelming, expensive and classy.

The assumption is not wrong, but it is also not entirely true because we all can also design a luxury with limited budgets. The materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, stone as well as various other complementary accessories, there are able to create a luxurious look at your dwelling. With the appropriate design and decoration, you are able to present the luxury of the natural elements. This proves that luxury is not always expensive, and natural simplicity is also a luxury for some people.

Floors, walls, and ceilings are an integral part of a residential space. The three things that make up a house, houses, apartments and other buildings. But unfortunately, most people look at one eye on these 3 elements and only emphasize the furniture alone in the interior design of a room. In fact, if processed properly, floors, walls, and ceilings can actually be a powerful important point in a room.

This time we will discuss what variations can be done on your dwelling wall to make it look more attractive and not ‘innocent’.

The are many interior design styles that can be applied to the dwelling in accordance with the wishes and tastes of the owner. Similarly, the wall variations that will also follow the style that is applied to the room occupancy. From some of the most popular interior design styles in Indonesia now is a modern minimalist interior design style that looks clean and neat. But there are also some people who are happy with the luxury to choose a timeless style design that is a classic style. But for those who are young at heart prefer to experiment with an eclectic or retro style that is more fun and full of color. The style of interior design you choose can determine how the atmosphere of your habitation. You who occupy then should choose the most comfortable for you.

rustic wall decor

The walls of your “habitual “room may seem trivial but the effect is very large to create the feel and atmosphere in a room. Variations of wall games can make the room look more natural and not boring. If usually a variation of wallcovering using wall paint only, the trend that comes next is a variety of motifs by using wallpaper. Wallpapers are a favorite of most people because of the variety of motives and pictures. But now that is becoming a trend in 2014 is to use wall panels.

Another way to make your own rustic home is by using wall panels which have several advantages but can cover the uneven wall plaster, wall panels appear in various motifs and designs. Wall panels are also useful for covering electrical cables from electronic equipment in your living room TV area. In addition, if there is a room in your habitation that looks annoying, it’s easy to stay covered with wall panels to your liking! By using wall panels, your dwelling can look more beautiful, unique, flat, and neat. In addition to various models and variations, wall panels can also be used as a rack for a variety of accessories and a collection of toys or knick-knacks you.

Here some examples of the rustic wall decor that can be your reference to make your wall more interesting, beautiful, classic, and also looks amazing.

1. The rustic wall decor that you can use is US pride furniture 2 piece modern bonded leather sofa set with sofa and loveseat, white/black.

2. The second rustic wall decor that can bring a warm atmosphere in your home is rustic decor tapestry by ambesonne, long wooden planks tree designs on with rusty metal screws artwork, wall hanging for bedroom living room dorm, 60 w x 40 inches, brown white and blue.

3. Another way to put your rustic decor is by using wooden wall hanging tapestry by ambesonne, blue and grey grunge rustic planks barn house wood and nails lodge hardwood graphic print, bedroom living room dorm decor, 40 w x 60 inches, teal purple grey

Happy decorating!

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