A minimalist home office design is actually a home office design with has limited space. This is because the small size of the office can be made based on the needs of the office that you want. Even though you have a small apartment, it does not matter for worker or entrepreneurs to still do their jobs.

Nowadays, when you already have a mobile phone and a laptop, you can already run your businesses even if your room has limited space. So, you do not be surprised if there are a lot of people who can still do their job in a small apartment.

Having a small and minimalist home office is different with home offices that are used for public office design. You should use your minimal apartment space properly. You do not need to spend a lot of money to fill your home office room with furniture that you might not need. In order to create a comfortable home office in a small apartment, you should put an air circulation, lighting, etc in your room, So, your room would not only feel comfortable, but also the room would be healthy and comfortable.

By creating a special workspace at home, you can be more comfortable in working than can maximize quality time along with family. The question is, what kind of workspace model do you want to create? Is that fancy, minimalist and simple, or mediocre? Is the room large or narrow? Here I would like to give you some examples of home office ideas that you can use in your small apartment.

1. Using loft as a home office

The first example of home office ideas that you can use in your room is by changing your loft into your home office. As we know, Loft is commonly used as a warehouse or a storage. But actually, loft can also be used as an interesting home office even though your loft is quite small. Under the ceiling of the apartment, you can create a beautiful and comfortable workspace. You can also provide a window there to make the air circulation and also the light can be brighter again. There you can also put some chairs as well as book storage.

2. Having a home office under the stairs

The second example of home office ideas that you can use in your room is by having your home office under the stairs. Do you have unused space in your stair? You can change your unused stair into your minimalists home office instead of just letting be. You can make your own design of your home office as you wish, an also you can make it as beautiful and as comfortable as possible to express yourself. You have to remember that you should not pile up unused stuff because it will only make the room look shabby.

3. Having a home office with well-appointed chairs and tables

The third example of a home office ideas is by having well-appointed chairs and tables. Chairs and tables are not only as a supporter of doing our work but also they also used to make your room look more beautiful and comfortable. The design of the table and chairs can give some interesting concept and also to rise up your spirit of work. You can choose the materials, shapes and also colors of chairs and tables for the office as you wish.

For making a super comfortable space in a minimalist office space, you have to avoid seating arrangements facing the wall or back to the window. But if you have no choice, you still can anticipate by putting a mirror behind the office desk to feel more spacious. Placing the table position from the direction of the coming rays of light is also important. This will make your office space look brighter and brighter. You can use AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair – Black in your room.

4. Having a home office with flowers or plants

A cactus grown in small pots will look more wonderful if you put it in your home office. In addition, to beautify the interior, this plant is also able to bring out a fresh atmosphere to your room. You can also choose flowers or other plants such as beautiful daisy flowers in flower vases or other plants. For example, you can put Fat Plants San Diego Large Cactus Plant(s) in your home office.