Have you ever dream to wake up in the morning with beautiful scenery like the picture above? it’s always changing every day as your trip on your journey. Not everybody has that chance to enjoy their adventure and brave enough to face the world through their van.

American’s nowadays are skeptical to build their big fancy home especially if you have to make a deal with some of the taxes. But building a home on the wheel not only keep you away from taxes, but you can also enjoy every day in your life with some experience of nomadic lifestyle that requires humble and simple life.

A lot of professions like writer, travel blogger, journalist, and other remote worker are willing to get more inspiration from their destination place, and building a house on the wheel like VW Combi are typically chosen as trouble solving. But building living space in your van is very challenging, and the first thing you should prepare is making Camper Van Bed.

Building Camper Van Bed are essentials because you have to make sure that your Camper Van Bed is not competing with any storage and another room like kitchen and restroom, this is gonna be the real challenge because you are inside very small space. The first thing to do is make your concept base on your need.

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You can make your decision base on how many participants inside your van, is it only you or maybe you have some accompanies. Choosing small bed for your self with any capability to fold or hanging your bed is a good choice, but if you have to share your space with another person maybe you need bigger size of bed and have to make Camper Van Bed design that is able to fold so you can save your space to another things or storage unit.

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After you decide your Camper Van Bed design base on your space management, now it’s becoming easier. It’s time for you to choose what style you really want, it’s can be minimalist, shabby chic, rustic, country, or anything. Just make sure you’ll feel cozy and gather enough inspiration through your Camper Van Bed. Maybe you can ask for help from an interior consultant or get more inspiration by looking for from internet. From this step, let me take over this job by compiling ten Camper Van Bed ideas below.

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Platform Camper Van Bed Idea

camper van bed

Drop-down Table Camper Van Bed

camper van bed
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Flip Bench Camper Van Bed Design

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Sliding Platform Camper Van Bed Design

Bunk Bed

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Murphy Bed

Slide Design

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The Couch Bed


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Custom Shape