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100+ Cool Interior Design Ideas for Gamers


Interior design ideas for gamers – For some people, gaming is a necessity but there are some others who say that playing games is a must, and others say that playing games are a job. In Indonesia, there might still a few people who claim that they are working as professional gamers. But if we see in another country that there are many people who become professional gamers and also they have their own gaming room at home.

Playing games is very exciting. Playing games can make you forget the problems and make you more relaxed and cheerful. and will be more fun if playing games are also supported by rooms that are specially designed for gamers.

As we know, Gamers need a room that can them more comfortable while playing game Gaming room is actually a variety of forms, there is really own room like a home office. There are located in the room, although small it also includes gaming room. Well, now we will discuss how to create your own gaming room in your home. Although your place is small or very spacious, you can make your own gaming room.

For those who are curious how to make their own gaming room at home, we suggest you see some tips about cool interior design ideas for games.

1. You should have enough space in your home

The first tips that you can do to make cool interior design ideas for games are by having enough space in your home. The first thing that you should do is choosing a right room which also has enough space.

Do not always stick to that this gaming room should have its own room which is about 20 meters in width. Actually, this gaming room can be used in the bedroom area of 15 meters. So you do not need to worry if you do not have enough room, you can still use your bedroom.

After determining the room, you can choose a computer desk or desk for television. Usually, for gamers, you just need a computer desk and play games there. And for gamers who play on the PlayStation console or Xbox, then you have to provide a table for television.

2. You should choose the suitable television or computer in your home

The second tips that you can apply so that you can make a cool interior design idea for games are by choosing the suitable television or computer in your home.

Choosing a computer and television screen size should suitable for the space in your room. For example, your room is too small to be placed television and computer, you can choose between the computer or television.

But if your room is fit for television and computer, you can put both of them. For computer screens, The size that is required is 22 inch up to 29 inches. For the television, you can wear up to 45-inch size depending on the distance of your room.

interior design ideas for gamers

3. Choose a sofa for the gaming room

The third tips for making cool interior design ideas for gamers is by choosing an appropriate sofa. The sofa is a good combination of gaming and also relaxing. A comfortable sofa will make you enjoy or even forget your time when playing games. As mentioned in previous points, this sofa or gaming chair adjusts the shape of your room.

If your room is too small to make a sofa, you can buy a gaming chair or office chair that cost quite cheap about 500 thousand rupiahs. Set the distance between the sofa and your television, do not damage the eyes and too far.

4. Add some equipment

A supporting equipment that is required includes a printer, CD cassette, sound system and also fan or even air conditioner. So you can try to have an empty space to put the sound system, because if the gaming room does not have a sound system then it seems like there is something left. Not only having a sound system but also having a good internet connection is necessary for the gaming room. Even if you play console or computer, the internet connection will be very important.

Here some examples of gaming room that can be your references.


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