You probably already known the reason why it is very nice to have a well-organized bedroom. The reason is it makes you easier to sleep when you are not worried about folding all that laundry in the corner of your bedroom, and also it makes you wake up easily when you do not trip over the junk on your bedroom floor.

There is nothing bad than trying to get a nice sleep comfortably in a crowded and also cluttered bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, the space constraints may make it much harder to keep it harmonious and peaceful. But it is still OK which means that you need to more creative in keeping a small bedroom clutter-free.

In fact, organizing a small bedroom is not difficult at all, a smaller pace will make our decision making a quite easier. It just need to think differently and faintly about something that you want to keep in your bedroom and also think about how to store all of it.
Here some tips on small bedroom organization.

1. Find unused space in your bedroom

The first small bedroom organization is to find unused space in your bedroom. How well is your bedroom organized? Are you milking every single inch of storage space that you could in there? If you do not own your home, you might be hesitant to drill a lot of holes for more shelves, but even though renters have access to more clothing rods and also other super storage tools.

2. Think Like a Minimalist

The second small bedroom organization is you should think like a minimalist. You have to know what you really need in your bedroom, a place to sleep? Space for the items you need when you are sleeping such as water, tissues, etc, or somewhere to store your clothes? Actually you do not need a desk, or an extra dresser. In fact, you just do a two for one swap and also use two small dressers as your night tables rather than you use a small night tables and one big dresser.

Having much bedroom furniture is not really necessary, because you can store many things in one place. So you need to have a storage organizer unit to store all of it and for example, you can use a fabric 3-Drawer Storage Organizer Unit.

Small Bedroom Organization

As always thinking about what you really need in your bedroom is not what is expected. besides, those foot of the bed benches often end up as just a place to throw up the clothing you do not feel like hanging up after a long day.

3. Clear your nightstand

In a bedroom with little furniture and also a little space, it is tempting to pile anything on your nightstand.

The way to avoid that, you have to buy a nightstand with drawers. It is tempting to buy something that is awesome but that has very little storage space. Resist the urge and also buy something with at least two drawers.

By having that, you can keep the top of your nightstand clean and clear as well. Limit this space from 2 up to 3 items. Maybe a box of tissues, a lamp, and then a small dish to hold earrings and a watch.

Remember, you have to consider mounting your bedside lamps on the wall next to your bed to free up even more space.

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4. Use the space under your bed

This would be a great place to keep shoes or off-season clothes if your bed allows for storage space underneath. You just have to sure to keep the space under your bed neat. Do not just shove your items under there when you want to get them out quickly.

When you need a space under your bed, you also need a small bed because it is very not necessary to have a big bed in a small bedroom.

5. Create a calming environment

Even though your bedroom is just one corner of a studio apartment, you have to try to keep it free of clutter. A messy room can fell like you are in a cage or even in a jail, but an organized and a comfort room can make you fell cozy, and relax which also can make you sleep easily and quickly.

If you tend to associate cleaning and organizing unpleasant chores, you have to think about making a room calm if you tend to associate cleaning and also organizing unpleasant chores.

6. Keep shoes in their own place

The last small bedroom organization is to keep your shoes in their own place. You do not have to store shoes in your bedroom only because the rest of your clothing is there also. If you have more storage space in the corner or somewhere in your apartment, it is better to use that instead. But if you want to or if you have to keep shoes in your room, you just need a shoe shelf to keep it and you can use your free space to put another thing.

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Other ideas

The trick to designing a little bathroom isn’t to add too many decorative products. Designing it is not a difficult task to do. It should motivate you to find creative ideas to make the room look larger.