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100+ Awesome Colorful Modern Bedroom You Can Try


The othetentic modern architecture is recognized for its beauty by its vibrant color, it is simply tagged by a simple line, single color gradation, clutter-free setting, and minimalist furniture choice.

But the color scheme of the modern bedroom has so many different options depending on its purpose or the function that the owner wants to attain. It’s could be serene, soft, bold, and many more. this color scheme option complement the feeling or mood you want to attain while you’re there. Even the option are very numerous but the concept of the modern and colorful bedroom is pretty standard and simple.

To strengthen your vibrant effect at your modern bedroom decoration, one thing you can do is choosing the color combination, it should accentuate the furniture. The word “modern” in the architectural world is very often to use and firstly appears in the 18’s. It’s typically used for design with soft and neutral color scheme and simple furniture that emphasis on it is functional and minimalist.

On 1950, the word “modern’ have slight improvement especially on its color scheme, commonly they appear in flamingo pink or chartreuse. And having several improvements in the few decades with art deco, futuristic style.

The color selection is commonly conservative in modern architectural, it means that some of it is choosing a soft color with a clean line that not overwhelming your furniture, but you’re free to choose bold choice you crave, and this is something that makes combining modern and colorful become a delicate goal.

1. Black, Red and White


modern bedroom ideas

Black an white are very often, vintage, and dull. But by adding red to monochromatic color can take your bedroom to next level of buzzing inspiring energy. Red is initially recognized or represent solid energy and brave, by adding this color you can attain such an energetic atmosphere

2. Fresh with blue and white combination

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To attain fresh and relaxing feeling in your bedroom, with a blue gradation are highly recommended. Especially if you’re person who love ocean, this color scheme will inviting you to more friendly, relax, after a whole day of high pressure deadline.

3. Earthy brown and green scheme

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Mother nature is a very good architect and her favorite color are brown and green, it’s cover the surface of this world that we can find on trees, grass, leave, a many more. Giving certain level of natural light are the best solution to avoid to an overwhelming darker scheme.

4. Two-Tone Neutral Color

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Combining two-tone natural color will easily give you smooth and serene atmosphere. It also provides you with easy maintenance and versatile for many people.

5. Green And Purple

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For bold decision, the green and purple choice will embrace natural soft shade and accentuate your furniture.

6. Vibrant Grey

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Grey is conservative, easy to maintain, and not giving an obvious dirty look after 3-4 days after the last maintain and clean service.

7. Stylish Blue

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For somebody who loves the ocean, blue is stylish and also perfectly fit for a teenager or somebody willing to attain everyday freshness after a long night sleep. Imagine that you wake up in the morning with soft vibrant like this.

8. Spring Line

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To attain warmer feeling, this choice is highly recommended for a minimalist enthusiast.

9. Luxury Silver

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This choice not only provides you with luxury appearance but also easy to maintain. These choices are typically recognized with aluminum furniture and blue or white scheme.

10. Silky White

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This last choice actually the most chosen for so many people because of it’s conservative and versatile look. This means that you will instantly have luxury and lot’s of people will agree to give you five star rated for your bedroom.

I hope you enjoy this article, leave the comment below, and have a nice day!